Kony 2012

Update: Please see this post for ideas on where to donate to help people in Northern Uganda.

Update 2: Please see my more recent post for clarification and expansion on issues raised here.

The video below, Kony 2012, has been doing the rounds on Facebook, G+ and Twitter today in an attempt to bring to the world’s attention the plight of child soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army(LRA) in Uganda. Now the LRA is a despicable organisation that has been involved in some of the most sickening acts imaginable including slavery, abduction, rape and using children as soldiers and their leader Joseph Kony, from whom the film takes its name, is a piece of shit. There is no debate about this. The man is scum through and through.

This video, and the campaign that created it, is extremely disturbing. From watching the video ones immediate reaction is to share it and to try and ensure that something gets done, possibly by donating to the campaign or buying something from their line of t-shirts, badges and the like to further spread awareness of what is going on. A natural reaction when faced with such a horrible situation.

However when we look at the facts surrounding the film a rather unpleasant stink begins to fill the air. Something that smells a lot like the white man’s burden and possibly cynical opportunism.

The campaign calls for military intervention in Uganda to capture Kony and bring him to justice, something he most certainly deserves. However the film and campaign are rather liberal with the truth. Kony and the LRA have been pretty much smashed and have been inactive in Uganda since 2006 and there is now a peace process in place. A process that stammers and stalls, but that is what they always do.

Of the money that gets made by Invisible Children only 31% goes on their charity work and the rest on film making, though the charity has never been audited so we assume. But this 31% of your money, that you either directly give to them or help them raise through sharing their video, goes on things like funding Uganda’s military and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both forces have been associated with despicable acts such as using rape as a weapon of war.

Founders of Invisible Children pose with members of the SPLA

Photograph of the founders of Invisible Children posing with members of the SPLA.

 Do you really want to fund this? If so then share the video to your hearts content and be glad when the violence continues and more children die. Seriously, how do you expect to take military action, which Invisible Children support, against a person who uses children as soldiers without killing children? What do you think will happen when military action is taken? Do you not think that there will be more reprisals and bloodshed?

All the while that you are sharing this video, changing your Facebook status or photograph and tweeting about this far and wide you are promoting a wrong headed initiative that supports a most brutal regime, one that tortures prisoners and has sought to condemn homosexuals to death for simply loving people of the same sex, which can only make matters worse in the region. We need to support people when they seek to better their living conditions, when they seek to put an end to murderous scum like Joseph Kony and Yoweri Museveni. What we must not do is support, probably well meaning, rich Westerners flying around the world trying to solve the problems of poor old Africa.

Some more on the story and on Invisible Children can be found at the following blogs.




The last one there, ilto, is a post from 2006 showing that this criticism of Invisible Children has been around as long as they have.

Please, if you want to do something to help the people who suffer in Uganda, and anywhere else in the world for that matter, educate yourself on the situation there in ways that go beyond Youtube videos and listening to a bunch of rich white people. Try reading the local news, reading blogs from the area if any are available. Hell even start with the Wikipedia entry or reading the New Internationalist world guide. Don’t allow emotive and snazzily made videos play on your basic humanity. Read, read and then read some more before you go making a mistake and supporting an initiative that could just make things so much worse.

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  1. Thank you! for posting this all day I’ve been seeing people supporting this useless group, I wrote a paper on Rwanda and it’s genocide the aftermath and after effects. i know what goes on there. i just cant believe how robotic people are and just support a cause without any idea of what really goes on down there. God bles! x

    • Writing a paper means nothing, have you been to Rwanda? If you have? Full Respect, but until you have and the people who have been. Then we can’t be arrogant. Sometime because people write papers doesn’t mean you know.

      • I agree with you hahaha! I bet she wrote like a 5 page paper for an intro level class, and now she things she is a scholar on Rwanda… I hope her sources were more than Hotel Rwanda (the movie).

      • i shall first start by saying this: I have been to Rwanda, I have helped build chruches and schools for them and helped distribute food and water for them. they are some of the most wonderful people i have ever met because of how grateful and kind they are.
        Secondly, i completely agree with the atricle saying how vile Kony is, BUT i also agree with Max. people are following the mob mentallity when joining these facebook groups or ordering the T-shirts. People need to do their own research upon the subject before simply jumping on the bandwagon.
        Also, writing a paper about a subject like the genocides in Rwanda may not give you the full experience that actually meeting the people gives you but it is still more knowledge that what most people have when jumping into a cause.

      • I’ve been to Rwanda. Actually stayed in the Mille Collines (Hotel Rwanda). Writing a paper is great to educate yourself, but don’t act like you know anything about solving complex global issues. I have met and seen the children of the genocide, and believe me, if we don’t listen to “rich, white, human rights activists” like the man who started invisible children, no one will ever listen.

    • Well obviously, because you wrote a paper, you know.

    • Yes because once you right a paper you become an expert well the founders of invisible children have gone on numerous trips to central Africa and do this for a living don’t know anything. yes only 31% goes to directly central Africa but much of this cause is spent on travel to spread the word about what is happening they send teams across the country twice a year which is every expensive. also much of their manufacturing costs go to central Africa as many of the products they sell come from their whether its the cotton in the shirts, the bags they sell or bracelets. All these things provide jobs which help the people of central Africa.

  2. Totally agree that people should read around more and not take the video at face value. BUT

    1) This whole financial problem makes no sense to me, from what I can see all of their accounts are clearly visible on their website with a signed external auditor too. The only issue is that the auditing company wasn’t selected by a committee. The auditors are called Considine & Considine, you can google them yourself to see what you think.
    2) People are criticising the fact that this is going to end in a proper war, which isn’t the case. It’s a campaign to continue the presence of military advisers in Uganda and training people to be able to LOCATE Kony. There may be bloodshed, so it’s a case of letting Kony continue his current campaign (admittedly not EXACTLY the same as the previous one) or attempting to stomp it out now.
    3)31% of the profits have gone into actual charity work so far, whilst 69% has gone into the movies etc -> this has culminated in this WORLDWIDE movement. Maybe that was something to complain about before it happened, but now that it has, they’re not going to spend 69% of the millions that they make on MORE movies. Spending that much on promotion was with expansion in mind, which they’ve now achieved.

    The real decision people need to make in my opinion is this:

    a)Support this cause and utilise Uganda’s military – Obviously may have issues regarding some occurences of rape. However I’d argue that’s a rare situational factor and wouldn’t occur often. Also, it’s not an army of rapists.
    b) Start your own movement for peaceful location and arrest of Kony. Be my guest if you cam be bothered.
    c) Do nothing. Enough said.

    • Samuel Taylor

      On Point! Thanks for writing this! All this blog post does is encourage people to do nothing… AGAIN!

      • I’m sorry but those are the options that people have… (bottom line)…Unfortunately there will be bloodshed in taking Kony down and yes some will be children… I don’t think there will be a way around that… and its not the kids fault its Kony. He has taken these kids and trained them to fight and kill for him… much like a dog fighting trainer… its not the dogs fault that’s just all they know… and for these kids its kill or be killed… they have no choice! So yes some of these kids Will die in the capture of Kony… But then what? NOT DO ANYTHING AND LEAVE KRONY BE? If you can present an idea on how to capture Kony without killing anyone… I’m all ears…

        • Hey Frank. I take it none of them are your kids then?

        • Frank, I dont think there are just two options. There are other options that could avoid a shoot out between Kony’s inner circle of adults, his child soliders and the Ugandan Army.

          Firslty, I’m not critiscing the motives of IC, I’m sure they are honourable. The question some people seem to have are around tactics. They may want to consider organising a bounty on his head. Many celebs and rich folk seemed to have taken an interest. If they all donated $1m you could probably raise $20m and offer it as a bounty to the people surrounding him. Word would get to them and they would have a choice to betray this guy. An independent security company can be used to handle the transaction and offer payments to a handful of his supporters in exchange for there weapons.

          (if the celebs dont pay up you could set up a bounty ‘crowdsourcing’ site using indiegogo.com or kickstarter.com).

          According to a report I read by a couple fo Oxford Uni professoers, the majority of coups occur due to greed or grievience. The bounty option may shed less blood.

          • give that man a medal!

          • Email Invisible Children about it. I’m sure they’re open to the idea. Don’t just throw it out here for us anonymous commenters, you need to get your idea to the people that matter. Otherwise, it’s just as useless as this article.

            • How about trusting local people and organisations that are actually there and been dealing with this for years – or crazy idea, the UNITED NATIONS – in taking care of this rather than turning to a bunch of Californian hipsters as if their were the authority in this matter?
              Conflicts are a complex thing, none of us sitting here behind our screens in the West know enough about what is going on to know what the ultimate, most effective solution to this would be. However, one thing is for sure: simplistic solutions in the style of “hey let’s send the Navy to help one country arrest this dude in another country” can NEVER be an option. It might very well cause more trouble than there already is over there.

              • I see a couple of problems…. In the way of a reward, if you offer it to Kony’s followers then it might well be his second or 3rd in command who bring him forward to get money, however all this is doing is making a multi-millionaire out of someone or group of people who have been just as bad and evil as Kony, which i can’t see being right either….
                The problem with the United Nations is, well they haven’t done anything so far so why think they would do something now? Do you think it is only californian hipsters who know about this problem? Most likely the United Nations are held back from doing anything as those with vested interests in various economies, particularly arms in the 3rd world, have no interest or profit to be made in sending in teams of special forces in or even using political pressure to force the people of the country to give him up….

                It is hard to see an easy way out for any of the down trodden african or other developing countries to pull themselves out of the dirt and deal with their own problems, which would be the ideal situation (no outside influence), until the current worldwide global economic domination of the western developed powers has been drastically altered and a real ‘Fair Trade’ system has been put in place, allowing countries’ economies to grow and prosper which would bring about the social changes that would help collapse the power of these guerilla warlords.

        • ugandabekiddingme

          Have you not read this… It clearly states that Kony’s regime has been inactive since 06. So why find him now if their own government is trying to make things better for themselves..

      • Something is better than nothing. If I question anyone’s motives, it’s the author of this article. Why criticize people who are ACTIVELY TRYING to end these atrocities? The time invested in this piece could’ve been better used by presenting a solid case for doing absolutely nothing, which appears to the recommended solution.

        • No something is not necessary better than nothing, it can make things worse which it what this campaign looks like its will do. Did you even read the blog post? because your response doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it,

          • Thank you. I keep hearing this crap about “doing something”. People who say this don’t understand that doing the wrong thing is still doing something.

            More people need to really read blogs like this, and others where actual Africans talk about how this campaign is little more than something to ease the minds of rich white folk who can tweet for a bit and feel as though their conscience is clear. It plays into the very issues that caused Africa’s problems – interference from the West who of course are there to “save” them.

            The images created by this film are extremely harmful. The classic being the nice white baby reaching out to the picture of the bad black man. It plays into the white saviour syndrome that has done so much harm to the continent. White saviour ethos perpetuates the core problems.

            There is a line of thought that says “if you want to do something, do nothing”. It means that to be EFFECTIVE you do not rush to action. You think, you research, you consider things and then make a judgement about how to best act. This “tweet to save the world” attitude does more damage than most people seem to realise.

            As for supporting the Ugandan Government, take great care there. These are people who want to execute people for being gay. People seem to have forgotten this. Just prior to this viral campaign, there was another campaign to bring pressure on the Ugandan Government to stop killing its own people.

            And most importantly, as others have commented, where are the comments from, you know, actual Ugandans?

            Danielle makes some comments about bin Laden and Gaddafi, Those people, like Saddam Hussein, are very different as they were installed by the western powers in the first place. If anything, they represent the same issues that Africa faces – interference from the West either as a form of concern-trolling or outright exploitation.

            Andy – you have my respect and sympathy. There are so many people who don’t get what you have said, and just don’t read.

      • haven'twritenapaperonrwanda

        agree, this post just gets people to once again sit around and think and take no action to help.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂
      There will always be issues, everything has a positive and negative side to it. But it’s better to try and do something to stop them than to do nothing at all. Of course there will be bloodshed and children will die but do you not think that that is happening right now anyway because of Kony?

      • I agree yes IC may not be the best of organisations but the whole point in the Kony 2012 was to spread the word on who he is and the problems. It is better for people to know the facts and decide for themselves on what they should do but least people now have a chance to decide with actually knowing who he is and what he has done.

        Kony is now know by most of the population because of the IC this would not have happened before i believe people should still post the link to the video but also to other articles

    • THANK YOU!! It’s very easy for anyone to negate widespread information and to badmouth westerners just because they are taking charge. This charge is what is needed to make a change. I agree that the Ugandan government is f’d up in many ways, but what our support does is help this ONE cause, NOT perpetuate their policy against homosexuals. Thank you for doing the research and speaking out!

    • Tell them, Josh!

    • I applaud you sir, well said! Thanks for writing this 🙂

  3. So – what do you suggest then?? Just go on remaining ignorant, while sipping a latte?

    • Ozzy, I’m not even sure what a latte is tbh. But I take it to mean that you assume I am some middle class pundit. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have worked extensively with people fleeing conflicts from all over the world, including those that have fled the fighting in all the areas within the LRA is presently in ‘operation’ and Uganda itself. I also live in the murder capital of Scotland here in Glasgow’s Govanhill. not exactly a latte sipping environment mate.
      I’m not sure what to suggest however. I would leave that to the people of North Uganda, who are conspicuous by their absence from this video. According to this blog post from Justice in Conflict the people of North Uganda prefer the idea of an amnesty for the LRA and a cessation of all hostilities. They certainly don’t seem to favour military intervention that could result in their children being killed.

      • So you are suggesting that nothing should be done by us and that we should leave this matter for the people of Uganda to take care of?

        • I’m suggesting that if the people of Uganda want and need help then it is they that get to decide what form that help takes. I posted a couple of links to grassroots projects in Northern Uganda that deserve support here. https://whitthef.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/kony-2012-part-2/

          • This video is to spread awareness of Kony’s crimes and keep the pressure on to ensure his capture. There are American advisers in Uganda, not American troops geared up for war. This isn’t a stunt for more war mongering. The people who made this video obviously care about the people of Uganda, and your blog post is making it seem like they are in it for the money. Showing people additional ways to assist the people of Uganda is great, but don’t bash someone else’s avenue or deter people from helping them.

            • They are paying themselves handsomely as it goes, in the region of $80,000/year, but that’s not the main point. The main point is that by restarting hostilities then the campaign will make things worse for people on the ground and especially for the very people, the children, that they claim to care about. The people in Northern Uganda don’t want this. They want an amnesty and for their children to come home. They have had peace since Kony fled Uganda in 2006. Don’t ruin that over a Youtube video and some rich Americans wanting to make themselves feel better. 😦

              • 1: Its not rich people behind this. It is a person like you and me that was interrested in the life of one individual with trouble.
                With that the organisation was founded.
                With sweat and blood he funded its growth until people got aware and started contributing.
                Its taken it 8 years to reach the mass media.
                Imaging how much work that takes.
                Imagine how tired they must be.
                At least now they are a team and people around the world are helping.
                But it wasnt always like that.
                2: you can for yourself monitor where the money go.
                They live on minimum wage themselves.
                The money dont go to theese people.
                3: Read on the facts next time is my advice.

              • Excellent reply. What matters is what the people of Uganda want for themselves, not what we want for them. It shouldn’t be about easing that itch to help out that we feel as Westerners. We are not their superhero nor their saviours, sometimes we need to sit back and admit that we the West are not the ones who should be taking over a situation, and that just because we live in rich countries and have constant access to internet certainly doesn’t mean we have all the answers to situations we have no first hand knowledge of.
                I applaud people like you Welsh who are actively invested on the ground and put the needs and wants of the locals first, rather than try to ease our first world guilt through flashy feel-good campaigns.

          • I get your point of view, it wasnt by mere luck that I found myself researching the kony 2012 campaign after watching the video, we need to know what we are supporting. And for that thank you for telling us the little facts that the documentary keeps a secret.
            Yet I don’t agree with you, they did their best to raise awareness and have done it very well for a cause that deserves it.
            This fight has been going on for a too long and Uganda hasn’t been able to solve it. If there’s a way to help them then they should be helped.The bottom line is that Kony needs to be found and stopped and his army of child soldiers set free.

            • But hostilities in Uganda ceased in 2006. Since then they have been rebuilding. And to be honest I would rather see Kony go free if that meant that the soldiers could return home. Rather one scumbag walking free than tens, or hundreds, of thousands suffering.

              • I think this might be where we disagree. I don’t think he should go free at all, not him and not the rest of the members of the LRA.
                From what I read Kony has had the option to make peace in the past and rejected it. If he makes peace then he will have no power so why should he do it, it’s not like he is fighting for a cause. The only thing that might make him stop is if he just gets tired of running or if he sees that he has no other option. As for the soldiers returning home, we all know that that won’t happen as easily as it sounds, most of them don’t even have a “home” or family anymore, and even if they do the psychological effects of what they’ve been through will be unimaginable. And lastly, if they all walk free it will just send a very wrong message especially to the people of Uganda. I believe they should be given a sense of justice.
                But this is my opinion…

                • Surely it is the people that have suffered from this fighting that should be able to say what form justice takes. If not then this really is just a modern liberal version of the white man’s burden.

                  • Those people live in fear, and it’s this fear that leads them to do nothing and hope that the LRA doesn’t come back or decides to make peace. After all when hitler was around the people of germany didnt do much to stop him because of fear, other countries did, but that’s a whole other story.
                    We’re all allowed our own opinion so we’ll just have to agree to disagree.
                    All the best 🙂

              • The hostilities in Uganda may have ceased, but Kony hasn’t. He moved, but he’s not off the map completely. One scumbag has caused the suffering of tens of thousands of people and he must be held accountable for such. He’s hiding, biding his time, and he will repeat the same actions in other countries with other children if he is not stopped.

                • But surely it is up to the people of the region what form this justice should take. Not a bunch of rich white folk who don’t have to live with the fall out.

                  • A latte is a milky coffee. Just thought I’d share!

                  • The organization is helping build schools and provide technology, while raising awareness of Kony’s actions and trying to hold him accountable. I’m sure the people of the region are more than willing to accept help and charitable donations from those who can afford it. If not, they don’t have to accept it. Fall out is inevitable whether Invisible Children help or not. Oh, and if a bunch of rich white folk want to use their riches to help the less fortunate…isn’t that the right thing to do?? (Plus I’m sure it’s not just rich people…or just white people for that matter.)

              • You clearly did not watch the video properly, they stated that it calmed down in Uganda and he moved on and started it all up again in another region! Your blog is irrelevant, this is raising awareness of the world’s most wanted criminal, something which needs to be made aware like Colonel Gadaffi and Osama Bin Laden. Colonel Gadaffi was something like number 23 yet look at all the media attention he gained, this man is number 1 and that viral video is making people aware. Take your negativity and irrelevant comments elsewhere because there’s 7 million views on that video and probably 100 views on this blog.

                • Actually it is more like 70,000 views and tens of thousands of shares but wevs.
                  This campaign seeks to destabilise a region that has only known peace since 2006 in order to pursue a man, against the wishes of his victims, to placate the saviour complex of a bunch of American college kids. Well done.

                  • Ive read a few of your comments now welsh, you’re coming across as very racist. You think the people of yuganda are at peace? Their children have been stolen and turned into monsters, and the people that did that are hiding in their forests. I get the feeling that your playing out a bit of an ego game here and it trully makes me sad. If the ‘rich white man’ from whatever nation wants to stand up for his black brother, then things are as they should be. You think your better than these guys because you’ve wank wank this and wank wank that. Pull your head in dude. They want peace and happiness for all.

                    • Boston Luther

                      @Juju Fisher- Thank you for posting that comment. You wrote the same thing I was wanting to tell this guy.

                    • How does stating that the Ugandan’s opinions should matter more than what Americans think on this issue have anything to do with racism? I’m a black African (living in Europe), I watched the Kony 2012 video and it almost made me vomit with all its paternalistic post-colonialist rhetoric. Welsh’s blog entry and comments are nothing but respectful to the Ugandan people and THEIR needs, wants and opinions. You’re barking at the wrong tree here.

                  • i have read everything up til now and i just want to say welsh andy….DITTO!!! i wish more people would do the research and form their OWN opinions instead of just jumping on the band wagon here…..man….common people!! there is ALWAYS more than meets the eye!!!!! It amazes me that people can see one viideo and BAM! they believe everything they see and hear as truth and just love to be spoonfed their opinions….just like i am sure they do while watching the news or reading the paper….cause all of that is true to..lol..Don’t get me wrong Kony is a bad muthah fathah and he WILL get taken out..but he hasn’t been there since 2006 and there are already troops there dealing with this situation..Obama sent 100 of them back in October people!! so why is it just now Kony is such a big topic..there is already a peace act in progress and is going well…so why don’t we worry about one of OUR real problems here right now which is the presidential debate..because if you don’t focus on this right now you may not have the freedoms later to even as a country be able to help countries like Africa…or even be able to post your opinion to FB….just sayin…..

          • Stephanie Huerta

            So, using your line of logic, the world shouldn’t have helped the Jews in Nazi war camps because they didn’t ask for help? Come on. People are speaking on behalf of those who don’t have a voice. Isn’t that what we are all taught to do? Help a neighbor in need. This is a world community. Our neighbors are not just those who live in the same city or state or country as us – they are any man, woman, or child who is in need of assistance.

            You have a right to your opinion. I don’t begrudge you that. But, please… don’t hate on an organization just because they make movies to spread the word for their cause. Be open minded. The US and the world would not get involved if there wasn’t a need.

            • These people do have a voice and if you took the time to listen you would hear it. The trouble is that their voice is drowned out by rubbish like this campaign.

  4. They’re a sucky group, but they’re excellent campaigners, and the current campaign can hopefully lead to good things with regards to volunteering and donation to real charities.. As a tool, they’re very effective, even if they are, well, tools. Here’s hoping we can get a better charity involved in the meantime.

  5. So basically your saying we shouldn’t support this cause bcuz only 31% of the money goes the the cause apparently you have no problem with children getting abducted and turned into killers or being sold as sex slaves what if they were your children you would do everything in your power if this was happening in the us why does nobody care..that if why this video is going around so the we the people can make a difference in the world thats what everyone wants right is world peace but nobody takes action.

  6. That seems reasonable. Africa is always going to be a veritable shit pit. Hell, the West has pumped billions of dollars of aid into that damned continent and Africans still seem unable to solve their problems.
    I say, do nothing and have nothing to do with Africa. The West has it’s own problems and is under no obligation to help Africa, where their help is wasted anyway.

    • That’s absolute unreasonable. Just because you are born into a world that manage to take care of itself, doesn’t mean that we can just forget about and ignore Africa. The problem with the aid, isn’t Africa and its people, it’s the government in the country. They take all the money, and our own government should start paying attention to that. We need to open our eyes, and find ways to help Africa(and other countries/continents that are struggeling), so that in the future, we wont be living in a world full of egoists like you, who thinks the world ends at the tip of your nose.

      Just because I’m born in one of the richest countries in the world, and have a great life with no other worries than breaking my nail, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t care. I do care. And I want the world to be a global community outside the countryboarders. Your birthplace shouldn’t decide your future!

  7. Firstly the film makers aren’t telling us what they are doing on the ground in Uganda. They are creating support for their cause. They are doing this brilliantly. KONY2012 is now everywhere. Thousands of people who had not heard of Kony last week now know about him. This is a result. Invisible Children want the US Government to intervene and arrest Kony – it’s pretty simple. Secondly, the argument that the LRA is no longer active or a problem in Uganda or that peace talks have been successful does not make Kony innocent. Nazi war criminals weren’t let off the hook just because the war ended. Thirdly, support of KONY2012 is not support of the Sudanese / Ugandan / Congolese regime. It is support for the arrest of Joseph Konyn and the leaders of the LRA. It really is that simple. It won’t solve the problems in those countries but it will show any future despots that, with people in their hundreds of millions on the internet, there is nowhere to hide.

    • Their cause though goes against the wishes of the people of the region, who want an amnesty for the LRA so that their children can come home and the period of peace they are currently enjoying can continue. They do not want an escalation of hostilities. Or do you think the opinion of a bunch of rich Americans should take precedence over the people who are actually affected by the situation.

      • Their cause is to GET KONY, not punish every FORCED member of the LRA.

        • What do you imagine happens when one captures the leader of an armed faction? That his followers just shrug and disappear into the sunset? That if this capture is carried by the army of one particular country in another particular country, that the latter won’t mind and just close their eyes on a military operation happening on their own sovereign ground?
          Things would get hostile again. If that’s what the Ugandans want to avoid, then let’s respect their wish. They have a right to decide their own future. Who are we to take this away from them?

    • Support of KONY2012 is absolutely support of both the Ugandan Army and the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army, as Invisible Children supports both of these forces both financially, and through other means. If support from Invisible Children changes the military reality in the region, it will be Invisible Children’s donors who are responsible. If you’re okay with that, more power to you. If you’re not, I’d suggest you do some more research before opening your wallet.

  8. What a load of bollocks. People like you read into this more than needed. The whole point is to make Kony famous and make people aware of what is going on. If this was going on in The UK there would be a massive uproar.
    It just goes to show that some people would rather hold a blind ignorance and tried. If it succeeded and he was captured you could say you were part of it. Or if it failed you could at least say you were part of the people that tried. Too many people just sit back and let everything carry on instead of doing something about it

    • I’m not reading more into this than is there. I’m simply aware of the situation in Uganda and am fully aware that Invisible Children are doing more harm than good and they, and all those who are defending them, are completely ignoring what it is that people in Uganda, and Northern Uganda specifically, are saying.
      Have a read of this. http://justiceinconflict.org/2012/03/07/taking-kony-2012-down-a-notch/

      • I am curious as to what sources you are getting this information from. I am not arguing for or against because in today’s society I believe that we must question everything. Good intentions can easily be turned into bigger problems. I don’t however consider people’s blogs as a credible source, with no offence to you. All I am currently finding is criticisms from individual blogs.

        • The blogs I link to in the post are referenced quite extensively. Well the visible problems one is anyway.
          But it isn’t simply things the problems with IC itself but their call for military intervention, which is something they say themselves, which will inevitably cause more pain and suffering.

  9. Okay, once again, we have to have the obligatory shitstorm about something that is supposed to be positive. I will not pretend I know who to believe, Invisible Children or you, but I can tell you I am equally sick of these schisms. Whether or not some of that money ends up in the hands of other evils, it is better to rid of one more evil, regardless. Your bickering only serves to divide public opinion unnecessarily, and ensure that absolutely NOTHING gets done. Do you see this? I certainly hope you do, otherwise you have no right to say anything on the matter.

    • So by speaking up and pointing out that the campaign is dodgy as hell and likely to result in more violence and more dead children I am causing a schism? Better to just let this trundle ahead and see a return to the hostilities which plagued Uganda until the LRA left the country in 2006?

      • I never said any of that, Andy, nor did I imply it. My point is that Kony needs to be removed, and your argument, should it gain enough supporters, will put that goal at risk. Why? Because if enough people can’t commit to stopping a Tyrant like Kony, then he will simply continue, with no regard for anything or anyone. I hear what you say about the other issues, but it’s like trying to fight a battle on multiple fronts with limited forces. We have to deal with one problem first, or none of them will ever be solved. After he is dealt with, then we turn to the next despot, and the next, and so on. Arguing the intricacies of this campaign right now seems like an army splittingup and arguing because they can’t agree on what colour the uniform should be.

        • But removed from where? From where he is in hiding not attacking the people of Uganda? How is he a tyrant? He has fled Uganda and his army is scattered around three countries, the DRC, Sudan and the CAR. He isn’t a problem and he doesn’t need ‘dealing’ with by anyone aside from the North Ugandans who are the people who have suffered because of the hostilities.
          Just to be doubly clear Kony is not a tyrant nor a dictator, that would be Yoweri Museveni the president of Uganda. Both Kony and Museveni are responsible for untold suffering. What we should be doing is listening to the people of North Uganda who are the ones who have had their children stolen, who have been raped and murdered or used as slaves by the LRA. We shouldn’t be listening to a bunch of wealthy Americans who don’t seem to know the first thing about the people of North Uganda and seem quite happy to completely ignore all the work that is going on in the region on a daily basis.

          • A tyrant is anyone who gains power over others by force, Kony may not have a country, but he still qualifies as tyrannical. If Uganda is to have any hope at getting itself together, then we must stop Kony first. Then we can turn our attention on the Ugandan government proper. There will be considerably less to act as a distraction. Surely you agree that it would make it a lot easier in the long term to stabilise the region in a smaller way before dealing with the bigger issue?

            • A tyrant is, by definition, a ruler. Kony is not a ruler.
              Kony is a non-issue in Uganda. He left the country in 2006 and ceased all hostilities in Uganda. The Invisible Children campaign is likely to destabilise a region that has known 6 years of peace for the first time since the early 80’s. It is the people of Northern Uganda who should be taking the lead but their voice is drowned out by a bunch of ignorant Americans who are just looking to make themselves feel better.
              The people of Northern Uganda want an amnesty so that their children, the children that this campaign is supposed to be about, can come home. That this isn’t on the Invisible Children agenda speaks absolute volumes.

  10. Think about it, 31% of the current money has gone towards charity work and the rest has gone towards making the films. The purpose of these films are to create interest, and to raise awareness which it has succeeded in doing! KONY 2012 is now all over Facebook, Twitter and Youtube… Presumably those figures will change now that awareness is being created and more of that money will go toward the aid and charity work.

    Anyhow… Charity is charity and I’d rather help and know my money is going somewhere to help someone than have it stagnating in my bank account waiting for me to buy some more jewellery…

    • If you want to donate money to a worthy cause press the flattr button up there. I could do with a pint tonight. 😉
      But seriously. If you want to donate money to help people in Uganda don’t give it to Invisible Children as they are looking, unintentionally I hope, to make the situation worse for the people of Uganda.

  11. Reblogged this on jasmineral and commented:
    more people should understand what it is they’re supporting before posting it on facebook.

  12. louisa wheeler

    i will speak up i knew it would o.nly be a matter of time before some group or person would try to say this is a scam, yes only a certain percentage goes to uganda, but this is actually the same with any charity be it for the blind, or cancer or animals, i think at least someone is caring enough to even attempt to do something about this situation, we have governments, ministers, police and other forms of authority that dont speak or do anything for the people, everything is and always will be run as a business, but it is time for the common person to take a stand, and it is time for the world to be in peace not fighting we should be in harmony and i back anyone trying to make a difference for the innocent victims in all this really bad behaviour

  13. Interesting. 31% is better than jack shit. And how is it possible to make the situation any worse than it already is? I do have a feeling that Kony is funded by someone who has a vested interest in Africa. How else would he pay for all the guns and weapons of warfare. It is probably the same people that have the American government in their pockets hence sending a measly 100 troops which took 8 years to persuade to do.

    • Right? The CIA could take him out with one sniper. What is the problem here? It’s not like he has super powers. Normally the complaint is that rich white people do nothing and here are a few trying to make a difference in the lives of these children and they get criticism?

      • The CIA doesn’t have super powers either, and do you think if he was go that woudl make everythign ok? there are going to be a whole bunch of people ready to take over from him if he dies.
        But really the most rediculas thinga bout your post is the idea that the CIA would ever help any one but american busness, really do soem resurch, the CIA is resposible for far more death, tourcher rape ect than Kony, the fund people like him suply the m with weapons and train them,

        • I even made a donation. The kids need clothes and feeding. most of the people that bitch about causes are the ones happy to pay £5 @ mac murder or for two pints down the pub but do nothing about the situation at home or away. If you want to make a difference go raw vegan and a one off donation wont kill you will it when you spend more than that on shit you dont need. I agree that we have to be wary of scams but just out of curiosity I made a contribution to really see if lots of people banding together can make a difference. I will be sure to badger them about a follow up in years to come and if it hasn’t made a difference for the better I will learn from my actions and not repeat them again. Its only $10 afterall. Not the end of the world.

          You will find it is The Church that is behind most of the atrocities of the world and peoples blind ignorance to face their own problems/addictions.

          The government would have the resources and technology to take Kony out. They have the power to corrupt country’s and destroy Libya, Afgan and Iraq for Oil and Opium. Kony is not as protected as the leaders of these countries were.

          • Um, dietary choices have zip affect on the real world. Never have and never will. If you want to make real change in the world you need to organise in your community and at work to ensure that people are able to stand up to attacks on our living conditions by the ruling class. A strong working class is one is that is better able, and more willing, to offer international solidarity.
            Or you could just eat lentils and share a video…

            • My mistake. And there was me thinking you valued truth and logic over opinion and reason. Dietary choices have zip affect on the real world? You are more self deluded than I thought. Last time I checked your food comes from the real world and what you eat affects the real world as it is dependant on it as it is part of the real world just as you and I are.
              you carry on eating big macs n drug foods while moaning about people making a difference.

              A raw vegan diet is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly diet on the planet. After all it is how nature intended man to eat.

              I agree that change can be implemented externally but you honestly think this will change the world if one is not willing to do the necessary internal work. No. you need to work on both or you could just write a blog and continue with your self delusions contributing to further corruption in the world. Society is a reflection of the human psyche on the collective level. when people change the world will follow suit.

              • I’ve not eaten a big mac in more than a decade. That because a) they treat their workers like shit and b) their food tastes like shit. So in my decade of not eating McDonalds food because of reason A have things improved for McDonald’s workers? No.

                • If you had 1/2 a brain you would not be working at mcdonalds and lets not nitpick here. I dont eat lentils neither but you get my point.

                  • So you think that people should be unemployed and face homelessness and destitution rather than work at McDonalds?

                    • Dont try and put word in my mouth. All I am saying is if one is willing to work for a corporation that has no regard for human life or other life, what on earth makes you think they will give a shit about their workers? nobody forces people to work for mcdonalds and if what they do to all forms of life does not bother ones being, one is not in touch with who they really are. Any caring, intelligent, awake person would not work for mcdonalds period.

                    • So you ARE saying that people should face homelessness and destitution rather than work in McDonalds.

          • Mate, you are soooo off track…. read a book, read lots of books, learn how the world works.

            • Enlighten me Willie, why dont you tell me how it all works.

              • This is for the Welsh Andy. You are beginning to sound like a politician now. Are you sure you dont work for them? I dont work in mcdonald and I am not homeless or destitute.

  14. I have no problem helping non profit oganizations but i do have a problem when most money goes to administration fee’s look at Haiti for example,where did that money go?I long for a world where there is no pain or suffering but how do we put an end to all of the pain and suffering in this world??Where do we start??Perrhaps Kony 2012????

  15. This is so sad. People once again wont think and just donate. The Elite gets even more money. Ive heard of this guy years ago because I follow Trafficking and Slavery. The ICC actually finances this, but they make it look in the video like they are against it.

  16. I will probably never return here to see if there are follow up’s to my response. The video claims that there have been approximately 30000 Child Soldiers in the 20 years that Kony has ruled, I being from Southern Africa get to catch small glimmers of what is really going on and it is an approximate average that EACH child HAS(or WILL) kill between 4-7 people under the LRA. Now if we go by those averages we will have about 165000 civilian deaths. Now imagine you killed a small percentage of those children AND take out the guy whom PRODUCES those child soldiers (and believe me, the LRA is still VERY MUCH ACTIVE), not only have you saved a large percentage of civilians, but you have also put a full stop on rebel orchestrated terrorism that controls Uganda’s badlands. So before you spout about how this idea is a “Scam” remember how America sent in 200k(+) “joint” (being the key word here) operatives into the middle east for killing a mere 3000 Americans, to kill Bin Laden and topple Hussein which resulted in increased terrorist attacks and also the killing of a few hundred thousand Middle Eastern civilians at the hands of the U.S military (ALONE). Go preach your scam theory somewhere else, they ask for a donation and they ask that if you do not donate, atleast get Kony’s name out there. Like gay marriage, if you don’t like it, DON’T SUPPORT IT, but that doesn’t mean criticize it either, Fucking hypocrites.

    • Did you even read the post? I don’t mention ‘scam’ in it at all. I was going to but changed the title as I wanted to focus on the affects that this campaign will have. Though for some reason the word scam still turns up when it gets shared some places like Facebook.
      If folk want to donate to help the people of Northern Uganda rebuild and recover from decades of war then fair play. Donating to the Invisible Children will not. I’ve listed a couple of projects that deserve support here.

  17. I’m confused about the actual point of your post. Don’t support the KONY movement? So everybody should ignore it and continue to stay wrapped up in their own privileges? There are probably thousands if not a million people who now know who Joseph Kony is, and want him arrested, because of this movement. It seems in your ideal world, these people would have all discovered these problems on their own…but how? Awareness breeds support. I can’t understand how you can derail it. “Sorry, you’re doing it wrong, find out on your own” (because that works so well with this type of thing). The lives of many Africans are plagued with difficulties we couldn’t even begin to comprehend, and it doesn’t matter who comes from where, people with the ability to help should try to help. The white man’s burden characterization is sickening. White people around the world shouldn’t try to help Africans because it is actually just their own racism? Or maybe we just want to feel like saviors; we don’t TRULY care about the dangers there. Kony deserves arrest and imprisonment, for the lives of all the children he’s taken over the years. If there is an organization that can help that’s doing more than IC, please find it. Using advanced technology to locate him, attacking at night, and filling the guns with sedatives rather than bullets seems like it would solve your problem. This guy is a scumbag; he only wants power, and peace talks are a joke to him. He won’t stop until he’s stopped, sorry. HIs atrocities overshadow other problems at the moment, and once he’s gone, they can focus on improving their own government (when citizens aren’t constantly distracted by the fear of child abduction). It’s not like he just showed up and the rest of the world jumped in right away- it’s been decades.
    PS It’s a sad fact that you can’t combat every injustice at once. Rape as a weapon should be next, though.

    • That’s not what I’ve said at all though. What I have said is that this specific campaign is going to do more harm than good. I have updated the post to point to another post that suggests a couple of alternatives to Invisible Children. Initiatives that are both based in Uganda and work to help the people there.
      Kony is a scumbag, you’re right. But he left Uganda in 2006 and the people in the north are in the process of rebuilding. What they don’t need is for hostilities to be started again by a bunch of well meaning people who saw an emotive video on Youtube. The people of Northern Uganda, from what I can tell, want amnesty for the LRA and for their children to come home. Killing or capturing Kony would just kick things off again.
      The white man’s burden comparison is perfectly valid as the Kony 2012 is a campaign of, mostly, white, mostly, North American people ignoring what people in Uganda want in order to impose their own form of justice on the situation.

      • Welsh, you do have a point, and we really should consider other ways to help people from Uganda solve other issues, now that the world’s eyes are set there it’s perfect timing…but, that doesn’t change at all the fact that Kony MUST be captured. You keep repeating how this is going to bring hostilities back and how people have had their peace for 6 years and how all they want is to have their kids back. We get it, but that sounds like FEAR to me, as if talking about a dormant beast, that must not be bothered since he’s not causing trouble anymore!! Just let him rest! He forgot about us! ..Well not at all! Because at some point that beast, obviously Kony, is going to wake up! And those 6 (+?) years of peace you keep talking about are going to end anyway. To end something, you have to cut it from roots!!
        Besides, he may be dormant but the damage is already done, you claim we shouldn’t decide for people in Uganda, YET you do speak on behalf of them too. On contrary terms to Invisible Children, but you’re doing the same buddy!

        And peace? Ask ALL the children who were victims if they have peace? Their land may be Kony-free but what about their peace of mind? Do you think Kony is not hunting there?…after all he’s still FREE


  19. Christine McMeo

    Have you been to any of the countries in Africa or are you sitting comfortably in front of your computer just reading articles as reference? I’m glad that you’re safe and sound if you are. Oh and what are you doing to change the tragedies in Africa?

    • As it goes my chair is really uncomfortable and I can’t afford to buy a new one but thanks for asking.
      No I haven’t ever been to anywhere in Africa. I have however worked extensively with the refugee/asylum seeker community where I live. Many of whom come from various countries in Africa including Uganda. Including former child soldiers. Including victims of both the LRA and the Ugandan government.
      In my most recent post I have suggested a couple of projects that would benefit from financial support in Uganda that work to heal the region most affected by the fighting.
      Why? What have you done? Shared a video or two?

    • What are your sources Wendy Walsh? Have you done extensive research to help support your argument? all this is simply just like any other article a gibberish biased opinion. People!! do your own research and come to your own conclusions don’t let another article fool you.

  20. You people are BLIND. This article is from a representative of Kony. Notice that this article doesnt say who it’s from! Also, if no one step in then your saying it’s okay for Kony to keep what he’s doing.

  21. Rheinhardt McLeod

    After watching Komy 2012 I went out and read up on Uganda from various other sources. With the intention of playing my part in making a difference in whatever way I can. Andy, I agree with you. I honestly do big man. Encouraging to help the SPLA is a daft idea. However, without watching the film I probably wouldn’t have gone out a read all about it (if you’ll pardon the expression). And there are thousands, if not millions, of other people like me out there. Whilst the film may be misguided and ill-informed the outcome of watching it for a lot of people was to educate themselves (just like you said). People who otherwise would have no idea (or simply ignore) of these attrocities being commited in Uganda. Komy 2012, like it or not, has raised awareness of the situation in Uganda and spread this awareness to millions of people. People who sit and play Hidden Chronicles or Farmville all night every night or immerse themselves in the world of X Factor and Big Brother and all that other celebrity shite. Surely, this can’t be a bad thing? The intent of the film may be misguided but the overall effect it’s had on me is definitely not a negative one. And I’m just one of thousands. If you feel this strongly about Komy 2012, surely educating the films producers and petitioning a change of policy to Invisible Children would be a better course of action? Also, you know a fella called Roddy from Govanhill? Big fella. Daft about Rangers. Married to a woman called Jackie? I used to work with him. Just thought I’d ask on the off chance.

    • Aye, I see what you’re saying and hopefully people will come across this post and my other post offering suggestions for where to send money that will actually help things in Northern Uganda.
      Can’t say I know Roddy no 🙂 it’s a big little place is Govanhill. 😀

  22. how do you suggest we stop him? at least these people are doing something? isn’t something better than nothing? like the bloke in the video says if it was you son, daughter family member wouldn’t you do everything in your power to stop this evil man? if you think criticise something which is raising awareness (the most important idea) about a man who is down right evil then you need to look at your morals, i think there are other evil people which need this awareness and yes they are kids in his militia and it may mean that they are killed but not all of them. there are always casualties of war, if you think its stupid and this campaign stopped then more kids would be taken, rather than those that are killed in the process to stop him and then no more kids would be taken. personally i support the man who started this he has a profound understanding of what’s right and what’s wrong and he actually wants to do something about it so you sit there in your home, go to sleep and go to work/school and be happy but i ask you, i you were lying asleep and all of a sudden you were taken wouldn’t you pray someone would help
    but on the flip i side i can see what you mean by that this campaign doesn’t send all of its profits to help them, of course not, how could they? if they didn’t then who would pay for the films, the travel, the posters, the meetings, the workers who help keep this going? people dont work for nothing a few do but most don’t, you look at any charity and all the charity’s i know don’t send all or even 50% of profits to help their causes but its a start isn’t it?

    • Something often said by people who face very little chance of being affected by the wars they support.
      “there are always casualties of war”
      Again, the main point of this isn’t the money but the fact that the action they encourage will lead to a worsening of the situation.

    • Think you should read the rest of the blog from the top, you are asking the same question that been asked and answered 20 or so times throughout the blog….

  23. I’m not white and I think that’s extremely racists to imply that the people who want to help are. You really loose all validity by making that part of your argument against invisible children. Try again.

    • It isn’t racist when I say ‘mostly’ when talking about people following the campaign nor is it racist when I say that Invisible Children are rich white Americans. They are all of those things.

  24. Aside from capturing this MONSTER, has anyone stepped back a bit and realized that this “movment’ is making nations finally work together? Rather then fight and create enemys. Finally the world is working together to tackle a world issue rather then creating a war. Give your head a shake,

  25. Brennan McCracken

    The video clearly states that the LRA are inactive in Uganda, but have spread to neighbouring countries. Don`t donate your money, but don`t call it a scam. Raising awareness could get responsible governments and international institutions involved.

  26. With regards to raising awareness it is doing a good job, particularly highlighting issues to a generation of young people whp may otherwise not be engaged with world issues. However, my major concerns are that there is no mention of communication to involve or work with organisations in Uganda…and there are actually Ugandan groups who are working round the clock to support children and women and also campaign against this. Second, engagement with the government is thoroughly needed – otherwise it becomes perceived as ‘colonial’. Third, the LRA operates based on a network of cells – meaning that each Cell is led by a different person…it isn’t enough seeking an arrest warrent – because a) the chances of him being caught are slim, just like the dictator Idi Amin – Kony is likely to be ‘protected’ in exile by an African country or an Arab State like Saudi Arabia. b) Kony and the LRA are heavily funded by external bodies – the Sudanese and Congolese government are known to funding them for political and self interest issues – surely if we in a just world these governments should to an extent be held to account. The Congo and Sudan are unstable regions, the lack of stable governance allows the growth of Cells such as this. So even if Kony was stopped – the likely hood of another Kony taking over is high…afterall if you read how he became leader of the LRA you’ll see a connection.
    African politics is completed and this goes centuries back. One must understand part of the reason the LRA was formed was to defeat the current President – Museveni – because he was from a different region and particular tribes and leader(s) from the Northern parts of Uganda felt they people group and voices weren’t being heard or represented.

    Currently, there are scuffles in the North of Uganda – but it is important for people to also understand the no-nonses attitude of the Ugandan President. I am surprised at the fact the video doesn’t discuss the LRA’s dominance around the Congo – which intself is out of control and Sudan.

    I do however, encourage people to talk about it, but not underestimate the ability of Ugandan people and orgs. to deal with this, to assume they’re not, highlights our laziness for actively gathering information to form a balanced view.

    • * I meant complicated not completed — and sorry for the crazy typos!!!

      • Sure it does raise awareness. It also generates a nice little earner for the guys making the protest packs. While the intentions of Invisible Children may be noble, there are plenty of charities out there who donate a higher percentage of their takings to their cause. Also they propose getting Koni by supporting and helping a military junta. As unpalletable as it sounds, Kony will use his children as sheilds against any attack from the military, so supporting this group’s amateurish approach is likely to worsen the situation, not better it.

        Hopefully the awareness this stunt raises will benefit more legitimate organisations such as the Red Cross.

  27. Having worked in Not-for-profits myself – I CANNOT stand when people scrutinize the numbers. 31% go to “actual” charitable work but yes these people do need to get paid and yes their movies is what is aprking change and awareness. I personally do NOT care if 31% of my dollar donated goes towards helping these people stay in business and awareness materials- just like anything else they are faced with costs and the need to pay and feed themselves and their families- at least they are working for a cause at the end of the day and not a product.
    Stop expecting something from nothing!!!!

    • They pay themselves in the region of $80,000p/a. But that’s beside the point. The campaign is calling for action that will worsen the situation on the ground. We want the soldiers home, not dead.

    • read the article and responses on the blog before adding stupid comments….

  28. This is very interesting information, thank you.
    I am trying to weigh the options and see which is the preferable outcome, but the truth is that KONY 2012 is already an unstoppable force.
    Even though you may be right, the time when reason will triumph over feeling, if it will come at all, will be in the distant future, and it will bring a whole new host of problems of its own.
    Now, let me raise a couple of points to what you have said throughout your comments:
    1. if Joseph Kony is in hiding and his army is now scattered across three countries, then how would they come to any harm when a relatively small group of men mobilize to hunt down their (Ex-)leader ? There would be some losses, but it might be worth it.
    2. many of these children, although I believe by this time most of them will have become adults, have been forced to kill their parents, have been taken away from their homes and thrust into a world of pain and war. Should amnesty be declared and should they come back to their homes, if they are able or indeed want to, they would find them empty.
    Finally, my most important argument is that the value of social awareness on such a scale is immeasurable. Thanks to this film millions of people from around the world will learn or be reminded that outside their world there exists another, dark, bleak, often beyond their imagination. Not only will they pressure their governments into doing something, but they will feel more united and start to act more kindly to one another. It might persuade them to take a good look at their own countries, to get out of their comfort zone and do what they can to fight for their rights and those of their fellow human beings. The ramifications are many, unpredictable, but mostly positive. The perils of our world are often hidden from us and once in a while we need a jolt to awaken us, shock us, make us FEEL, because without feeling nothing worthwhile ever gets accomplished.
    Although I share your doubts, I believe that, at the very least on a general level, KONY 2012 is a good idea.

    • Have a look my more recent post which links to initiatives in Uganda that are working on this issue. They are far more worthy of support than Invisible Children.


  30. Thank you!!!
    This video is bullshit and the sheep that are spreading this should seee this as well!

  31. It is obvious that you have a problem with ‘rich americans’. I come from a pretty comfortable lifestyle in Canada. (We are generally linked to Americans in the opinions of other countries.)
    I can say first hand that the ‘Rich Americans’ or ‘big bad corporations’ are the most charitable of anyone. Any major philanthropist who makes a large financial difference to any charity is 9.75 times out of 10 a ‘Rich American’.
    Try not to bite the hand that feeds.
    And I agree with Sarah… They are not all white either.

    • You have said it perfectly, Missie. I am American and I think WelshAndy has a bigger problem with “White Rich Americans” than the debate about Kony.

      • I agree. Why get all worked up about donations going to the ‘right charity’ and not a ‘dodgy one’, and then insult the people who are most likely to donate to any of those charities…??

        • whos most likely to know what best for the people in Uganda? the people you live there or a bunch of people with a completely different situation in a different country?

          • … Obviously people in Uganda… All I am saying is that when we ‘Rich Americans’, or ‘Wealthy Canadians’ are looking to pour some of our hard earned money into a charity, its probably best not to hate on us. We are just trying to contribute. Hopefully whatever charity we do give our money to is using it properly.

            • Well don’t give it to Invisible Children. They are just trying to make things worse. Give your money someone like the Grassroots Group who are actually trying to build a sense of reconciliation in the region.

              • Will do. Thanks.
                I must say though… the video is very well done. The production value is very high. I can see where some of that money went. I also think that although it may not be a ‘top notch’ charity and their actions may not work the way they hope, their hearts are in the right place and they are bringing a lot of publicity to the issue.
                Of all the charities, this one knows how to get noticed.

                • I would prefer people ignored this charity and gave to initiatives that are based in Uganda and actually know what they are doing tbh.
                  With regards the video work. Anyone with a macbook can do that today. No need to spoon hundreds of thousands on it.

                  • Well whatever they spent on the video was obviously worth it, otherwise this conversation you are having with people would not be happening, and you would have no one to promote your alternative charities to. It got the msg out to the masses. Take it as it comes.
                    And again, not all people with money are evil. If you ever plan to raise money for a cause that you are passionate about, you will have to have a healthier, (less angry) outlook towards money and people who have it.

                  • But without making that video and sending it viral on the internet, putting together a campaign, in what THREE days so far, the majority of the developed world would never had a clue about this issue, or had any mind to care about it and then even get to the point where they could be put into a position where they could make a decision to donate and/or support to the IC or to any other charitable organisation!

                    This to me is exciting! Without the work that the IC has done, you wouldn’t have nearly as much traffic (Certainly not me, who would never think to comment on a blog in my life) on your site that would engage in such debate. The pros, the cons, the further reading and understanding, the ability to make an educated decision about how that individual will proceed – has all started with that video for so many people.

                    I feel that you would get many more people willing to take on your point of view without expressing it in a way that says all those that show support for IC and the awareness campaign has done are not valid. You might not feel that way, but that is how it comes across.
                    Is it so hard to acknowledge the power of what has happened in the last three days? I am interested in looking at the other charities you posted, but wouldn’t have gone near even thinking about donating to anyone without the video tos tart off with.

                    Credit where credit is due.

      • Duh? They are fuckin’ rich stupid. They have the means to do so. Logic these days.

    • You really need to read some information on where the ‘rich white americans’ money has originated… Corporations worst of all of course, pushing money around the world and benefitting no one but themselves on the whole… Couple of books to read; ‘Globalization And Its Discontents’ written by Joseph Stiglitz, an ex-White House economic advisor, and another is by George Monbiot, ‘The Age Of Consent’. This will help you understand where ‘philanthropic corporations’ make money, there are many more, but i suggest you start gaining a real understanding of the entire global situation, it will help you to make fair and educated comments right down to the local level.

  32. i dont believe any of the negativity of course there would be words against kony2012. the point is to make him infamous and LET EVERYONE KNOW. not everyone is going to donate or buy something.

  33. your not hard enough on it, it is propagandist bullshit used to make money. There are much more significant and widespread tribal conflicts all over africa and it is a waste of politicians time and resources to be dealing with such an inherently immoral but essentially inane problem.

    • asiansensasian

      obviously it is not an “inane” problem i think anyone will agree with that and it is worth solving but in the right way i am not saying that supporting the IC movement is the best way but it is effective

  34. The point of making him famous is that so many people don’t know about this horrible disaster and the truth is until this “useless” group of 18 year olds at the time made their rough cut video I had no idea that this conflict had been going on for over 15 years now 25. Also your point of the use of rape and things like that I hate to state the obvious but in the United States Army there have been cases of rape and torture. It’s not the organization that funds these specific acts but not everything can be perfect. And last time I checked in Uganda they have started to rebuild because of the reconstruction of schools and various other places that the LRA destroyed. It is your choice whether or not to share the video, but it is also our choice whether or not to stop Kony from committing these acts in the surrounding countries of Uganda. The world has ignore this for too long. MAKE KONY FAMOUS & PARTICIPATE IN THE FIGHT TO STOP CHILD SOLDIERS AND KONY’S USELESS AND POINTLESS ARMY! I personally am a huge supporter of Invisible Children whether or not this 31% thing is true in the end what brings a lot of attention to the issue is publicity so if that is true I can see why.

    • the campaign that made the video is supporting the ugandan army which has done exactly the same stuff as konys forces, if you suport this campaign you are supporting the use of child soldiers.

    • You have entirely missed the point of the 31% issue, this is a fairly standard percentage of donated money to end up in ‘direct’ use by the affected people (of whatever charity)…. Read the article again to understand what the negative issue is with the Kony 2012 campaign and some other sources… It is also your choice whether to gain the knowledge needed to make a fair and informed decision. I don’t think you have understood at all what Welsh Andy is saying… Read the entire blog and every response will also help you to make an opinion before you have understood the issue….

  35. Though entitled to your opinion, I must say this is quite a cynical point of view. For those who are educated, this video will not be taken in as “face value”. We all know that with ALL organizations there is a chance that some may be corrupt, others may not readily fund what you give your money towards; but would you rather spend $5 at McDonalds or give $5 to a group of individuals who have made strides thus far? Be it just $1 out of your donation reaches the children or people supported, that is $1 more than what they had yesterday, that is $1 that can carry on for possibly the next week. One US dollar to many that live on a pittance of $.20 p/d is a blessing in terms of food rations and the posibility of safer locations. There are people who make it out, unfortunately most don’t and there are those who are displaced, but in the end would you rather do something or nothing? Either way your personal choice is that, no need to criticize those who attempt to raise awareness to the cause. Be it a temporary fad, guess what, Invisible Children has accomplished what they stated they wanted to do. Which is to make Joseph Kony famous! The video and cause has gone viral, now look at the support system. As for the “inactive” LRA, I too wrote a paper.lol In fact the LRA is not inactive, it is invisible. Hard to track and hard to catch. Conflict in S. Sudan before and after independence, N.Sudan received assistance from LRA rebels. The DRC, that is the number one conflict in the world, has received and is still receiving assistance from the LRA. So to think that these groups are inactive? Ha! There are over 60,000 forced CHILD soldiers, that is NOT including adults. So imagine with an army that stands to possibly be 100,000 strong, do you really believe that they sit idly by and count stars? No! For every visible act of violence, death, rape, abduction, mutilation, etc. there is a person behind the act. Believe that in a country where unity is seldom, one thing that drives the ruthless nature of these leaders is the thirst for power. Monetary gains to fund your armies and pride will not be measured, for you hold and control everything/one around you. No one can speak out, no one has a voice, just YOU. As such, in a dictatorship you thrive off the fear you propel into the hearts of your prey. You feed off the triumph you get when adding another nameless notch on your belt. You are the Ego that propels your wicked nature, and such a force can only be combatted through awareness, and raising an army that is as strong as yours. It need not be through physical strength, but intellect can trump any physical strength anyday. I would rather be a wise man and outsmart you than a dumb-bell and pound you. For the wise man can think of ways to escape entrapment, but the dumb man only knows one mode of action…

    -Reisa T.

  36. Look at the end of the day the money is not the issue, Kony is. And it never would have gotten this far if Africa was as developed as the araeas we have the privilage of living in. I know if I lived there I would want it to be ended; and if that lost me my life, so be it, it will eventually save thousands of other peoples lives. We are not being asked to sacrifice much a bit of time on April 30th. No one needs to financially support this campaign, but awareness should be raised and making Kony famous is definitly the way forward in putting an end to this. Blood shed is probably inevitable either way, at least let it be for the greater good- long term.
    Support Support Support!

    • You support an armed force that attacks and rapes civilians? You support bringing instability to a region that has known peace these last 5 years where there was only war and suffering for nearly 3 decades before?
      If you support Invisible Children then you support these things.

  37. People like Joseph Kony require shadows in order to operate. I cannot condemn a campaign to shed light.

    • But I can condemn a campaign that seeks to bring instability to a region that has only recently known peace for the first time since the early 1980’s. Any action for justice MUST be led by the people of Northern Uganda and those that have suffered at his hands. Not by people who have no experience or knowledge of the local situation.

  38. carlocipriano

    If it weren’t for Invisible Children’s video, this conversation wouldn’t even happen right now! This blog wouldn’t even be here right now! The fact that people are actually starting to care about something positive is so refreshing! Don’t take that away from them!

    • They want to fund an armed force that attacks and rapes civilians and bring instability to a region that has only recently known peace for the first time in nearly three decades. They don’t know what they’re doing and a lot of their supporters don’t seem to care that IC don’t know what they are doing.

      • but they aren’t funding it they are funing U.S military NOT ugandan and unless i’m mistaken the U.S don’t do what you said and if you are saying they don’t know what they are doing what do you suggest do you know any better

        • No. US tax payers fund the US military. Invisible Children are in bed with the Ugandan military and the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army. Both as vile and disgusting as the LRA. You do realise that the people of Northern Uganda blame the LRA AND the Ugandan Government for their suffering?
          Yes, I do know better. Check out my next blog post, posted a couple of hours ago, which has some suggestions for donating to initiatives that actually help people in Northern Uganda and the specifically help former child soldiers.

  39. This has gained a lot of media attention in the states, most are skeptical of the idea of the US getting involved, beyond charity status. Is it a scam? Only time will tell, but as Americans we are tired of “damed if we do, damed if we don’t “! This is pure black on black crime, maybe aided and abetted by some westerners, but please don’t hang this on the “White Man” keeping Africa as third world continent , the black leaders have done that all on their own.

    • With money and guns from Europe, America and China…

      • Exactly! So, shouldn’t the nations who helped to fund and arm the LRA bear some responsibilty here? I understand completely your “white knight” argument and agree with you. However, inaction is not a solution.

        • I’m not suggesting inaction. What I’m saying is that action needs to be led by the people affected not outsiders who don’t understand the situation.

  40. most people are only supporting the cause not the actual organization

    • But by spreading the video you are spreading the organisation and are effectively fundraising and advertising for them.
      Also the cause is highly dubious. Yes Kony is scum and deserves justice but that justice and any actions to seek it must be led by the people of Northern Uganda and those affected by him. Not by outside forces who do not have to live with the fall out of any action.

  41. yes there will be blood shed and it will involve children but without help there will be more and anyone who watched this video will know the children involved would rather die not only that but yes they aren’t in Uganda but they are in other countries and they are going after kony who won’t be guarded by children so chances are the loss off under aged life will be minimal and i agree that one is too many but sadly there will be sacrifices

    • I take it your kids aren’t at risk then Jack?

      • yes i understand how horrible it would be but like many people are suggesting what else do you suggest, yes there are other charities but what are they actually doing that kony aren’t

    • Do you know anything about the situation, or did you just make that up? How do you know there are no kids around Kony?

      • i’m presuming your talking to me and no i do not know it as nobody does because if they did they would have caught him but its a fair assumption that he wouldn’t be surrounded by children as they’re not going to help him if they were abducted are they

        • Which shows that you really are ignorant of the situation. Just have a look at the wikipedia entry on Child Soldiers and follow the references to find out about the ins and outs of how it works.

          • okay so lets say you were abducted your sister was raped and then you were given a gun (remember you would rather die than go through this) then you were asked to guard the person behind this with a firearm with live ammunition wouldn’t it be nieve to presume you would help him

  42. Fair point – but what are you suggesting? Are you saying that the alternative to this situation is a similar one (and so theres little point in supporting the Kony campaign?)

    At least this campaign is bringing these issues to light, because it gives governments and other organisations a chance to deliver aid and possibly change systems and the situation for good. Don’t sit behind your computer thinking you’re smarter than the rest of the world all the while doing nothing! And as for the whole 31% thing, this is a massive scale campaign, they needed funding to make it happen and 31% is much much better than nothing!

    (I’m not one to hate, and I know you have really good points so I don’t mean to discredit them or anything! Just another viewpoint)

    • I have never said ‘do nothing’. In fact in my next post I suggest other places to fund that actually help the people affected by the LRA and the decades of fighting.
      The Invisible Children campaign though is actively harmful. It support remilitarising a region that has only known peace since 2006. For the first time in decades. The people of northern Uganda don’t want what Invisible Children are calling for. They want their children home and it is to them that we should be listening.

    • If you actually read the thread first you will see all the alternatives….

  43. you state that the 31% of money ‘goes on things like funding Uganda’s military and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army…’ – this is completely untrue and misleading. invisible children make clear that not a penny goes towards the ugandan or other governments (and therefore their armies). there IS a link to the armies, in that the organisation are encouraging the american military to assist them in their search. but this is funded by the american government and not invisible children. you complain that the campaign is ‘rather liberal with the truth’ yet you state a blatant exaggeration (aka. a lie). i most certainly will not be supporting the kony2012 campaign, but i will also not be recommending this article either. if you want to tell others to do their research properly, i suggest you do yours too.

  44. i would also like to add that the reason this website was probably set up was because the creator didn’t like the organisation so they found the most damaging things like that photo and the funds well do you really think they can get the money for posters badges stickers and t shirts for nothing and when you give money to most charities lots of it never goes to where you want it to go

    • Actually I set up this site to talk about archaeology and things in the media that make me go ‘lolwut?’
      Please feel free to browse the entire site. You will find a grand total of two posts, both from today, on this subject and around 100 on other subjects plus some of my graphic design work too. Knock yourself out.

      • i did not mean to say website what i meant is this blog and as i said bellow this was designed to make the campaign look bad i respect your view but you should at least show the other end of the argument

        • I have shown the other side or did you not notice the whacking great video in the middle of the blog post?

          • ys i did see it but then it’s not a fair argument you put the video in then a huge picture that makes them look bad and the vast majority of the blog in against it hardly fair is it

  45. i agree with every1 here yes it looks like they are making money 4 videos and stuff but i people need to knew who he is nd wht he gets up to nothing wrong with sharing the video or even helping them out. yes you can use other organisation but none of them are spreading the word around so i say good for them and good luck i will be helping them out and other organisations ..

    • Yet by sharing the video and supporting the campaign you are supporting the militarisation of a region that knew nothing but war until 2006 when Kony and the LRA left Uganda. This campaign wants to ruin people’s lives.

  46. April Rodriguez

    Coming from a place similar to this, I can tell you from first hand experience that Education is key. So many places like Uganda don’t have that luxury for their children and without it, they can’t fully understand or want help. They live in a mind frame where they only know what they’ve lived through and even the slightest change might no be welcome because it cannot be fully understood. Fear is a powerful emotion and when you’ve lived your entire life in it, seeing past that is very difficult. I thank you for trying to make people understand both sides to this organization, its always best to know all details. However, I do agree with the fact that if he’s not stopped it will happen somewhere else. There will be more deaths no matter what. A man like that does not just give up and run away. If it was here, would it be treated any differently?? If it was our own children would we expect other people to do nothing?? Like I said fear is a powerful emotion, and settling with him out of the country seems like a safe idea which is what most people in that situation would think. But what will you say if he returns? What will they do then? Would you then expect us to do something ? Wait until the problem has returned and maybe even gotten worse? We are fortunate to have the resources and capability to cause change and to aid in matters, that alone gives us a greater responsibility. Yes, how we do it is important and we should not abuse this power of course. Now back to the campaign, its greater than this one aspect, its greater than just Kony. Its about people of today getting together for something they believe in. For the overall idea that us as a society can make a difference; that we care about someone other than ourselves. It is simply bringing people together which is something I do not think should be taken away or belittled. So many new organizations through some of these sites you’ve listed have grown bigger just because of this campaign. People of like minds are now causing working towards causing change in other areas that need work and yes, there are a lot. So many positive things have stemmed from this one movement alone and through creditable organizations. Everyone has their opinion, I just hope people understand it goes beyond surface thinking and understand what these people have lived through and how it has effected them.

  47. Am I the only person who has noticed that the only person against what they are (on this blog i am sure there are others) doing is the creator of this blog so before you abandon the campaign remember this is designed not to give facts but to make the campaign look bad

    • Actually there are plenty of positive comments. The very first one in fact. Also there have been very positive comments on the various social networking platforms it has been shared on. It has been shared 10,000+ times on Facebook. I don’t know how many thousands of times on Twitter and G+ but it has worked its way around the internets and people agree with me.

    • You are not actually reading the blog and all the threads are you? Do you even understand the issue yet?

  48. I applaud the fact that most people really want to help the People of Uganda but i dont think this is the right way. First of all, Andy brang a very important point. Do we even know what the people of Uganda want to do about this man and their countries politics ? And second, ask yourselfs, Would you like other people to take decisions about your country without asking ? Invisible Children might not be a fraud as i believe that they are collecting money to raise awareness but they seem to miss the point. THE PEOPLE OF UGANDA AND AFRICA TOO ARE THE ONES THAT MOST DECIDE WHAT THERE FUTURE WILL BE. I agree they have not been good at doing it before but regretfully thats the bottomline. Their is a rampant problem in the continent of Africa, is not only Joseph Kony the problem althought there is no problem from my part with them promoting for only this cause. I just wish people would gather more info before taking decisions as to where they are donating money to charity.

  49. The Philosogamer

    Most of you really need to put your emotions aside and do some research to verify what Andy is saying. Most of you are actually suggesting to pay attention to Kony when Andy has given valid reasons to ignore him for the time being at the very least. You’re all forgetting that though his deeds are done, they are no longer being done. That being said, I believe and agree with Andy when he says Kony isn’t the problem, and that the people who have suffered deserve to run and maintain their own “Ugandan Revolution”. The U.S. has a very stupid habbit of cock blocking peace with the military, and I would rather not see that in Uganda if they have maintained peace for as long as they have after so much chaos.

    Put your emotions aside you stupid twits; use your head.

  50. Cannot actually believe what I am reading. Your points are tenuous to say the least and you offer no alternative solution of any value. Its people like you who delay change and in effect turn a blind eye to critical issues in our world. If you are so holier than thou and such an authority on the subject then come up with a better idea. If you cannot do this, then go back to your tea in Scotland (because it’s oh so dangerous there :P) and sit the F down.

    • So you support the remilitarisation of a region that has only known peace since 2006 following decades of war and the worst kinds of atrocities? Because that’s what the Invisible Children’s plan will result in.
      There are organisation in Uganda that are working on peace and reconciliation. these deserve your support. Not the ignorant campaign of IC.

      • Im am ignorant

        something obviously needs to be done about stopping kony. but without bring the Ugandan military back into the picture. Am i pretty much understanding what you have been arguing?

        • For the people of Uganda Kony is pretty much a non-issue atm. Watch the video of the journalist from Uganda to get an idea of how people there think of Kony.

    • Ali you should see what he is trying to say first and second, have you seen the news lately ? I dont think the citizens of this world are really happy of the US Military presence in their countries. I totally understand what the Philosogamer is saying. You should stamp this in your mind, 1 Million people are not gonna change the whole world. We can only help some people but not all. We cant change our existence. I remember watching a video about this guy like a year ago and they were interviewing people from Uganda in Uganda. They said it was better for the guy to be left alone as long as he was away from them and not harming them again. People in Uganda want PEACE not more war. Dont be ignorant and feel like a REVOLUTIONARY just because you watched a video or gave some money. Look for DR JAMES ORBINSKIS TRIAGE: HUMMANITARIAN DILEMMA Documentary. You will see what i am talking about.

    • You haven’t read the blog, the replies or anything have you? Either that or you are retarded.

  51. I don’t think the idea behind the cause is in vain, and yes this was probably a horrible situation and very possibly may still be. I have watched the video and I have looked at both sides of the Kony campaign. What bothers me is a) the fact that the people who supposedly care enough to begin an organization such as Invisible Children are ok with spending only 31% of their revenue on the actual direct needs of Ugandans, and the rest goes into salary and advertising funds. With today’s technology, there are so many ways to advertise a cause without spending a large amount of money, or even any money at all. For example, look at all of the people who are commenting on this article. And it’s not costing any one of us a cent, yet we are raising awareness of the campaign. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and any other social network is capable of the same thing. Especially if the entire purpose of the campaign is to raise awareness. Secondly, by funding the reconstruction of schools and other establishments, we are not helping Ugandans as much as we think we are. I am reminded of the old saying “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll never go hungry”. By mindlessly donating, we are leading these countries to depend on us for a living, and not truly helping their situation.
    My second issue with this campaign is the fact that there are still so many crimes against children in our own community, yet I don’t see youtube videos asking to support them. Rape, murder, abuse, homelessness, drug abuse… These all exist in our society whether we believe it or not. And no it may not be to the extent that it is in Uganda, but it still is present. How can we help another nation with their problem if we are still battling our own?

    I’m not saying that we shouldn’t support this cause, or that it is a scam or any such thing like that. I just believe we need to be a bit more skeptical and look into what we are supporting before we support it. I don’t believe in the suffering of anyone, and I respect those who are willing to give their money to IC, but I just felt I needed to voice my opinion.

  52. I have to say that this video is impressive. Obviously the print collateral going into these boxes has to come at a cost, along with the travel and the filmaking. That’s a given. This campaign is very effective at creating awareness though. I didn’t support it myself, but thought the message was worth a share.

  53. As a Ugandan national, i find this all idea of invisible children too disturbing. truth is, the war in the north is long gone, in fact people are slowly adapting to life prior the insurgency. however, what is stunning in this new video is the potrayal of events , hoodwinking the world that such inhumane acts are still on wheels. kony is hiding in garamba forest in north eastern DRCongo where he seldom comes from to inflict terror and death to all races within the region. it is true all militants( govt forces and rebels) are partly to blame for all the untold ruthless violence. but the complexity around is that one uganda president is a US puppet and no doubt that the US is keeping him solid to miltary chauvinism which he calls African democracy and pan Africanism. in uganda , its clear that people know the high like golden bridge hand of influence by Western powers in affairs of Africa . worsestill, donations or fund raised by sympathisers and philathropists around the world never reach actual recepients but in pockets of miltary gurus. aCouple of years ago bill gates foundation was at it to fund immunisation and vaccine campaign in northern uganda and results have alarmed the public about the outbreak of the mysterious ” nodding disease” ( a child noods he/her head in untold pains and eventually dies.) there isnt yet any promosing medical approach to dispel the disease.

  54. Wow..the article and the comments make some really good points. I personally feel that any action (or inaction) taken by anyone will eventually lead to some sort of negative result, but its up to us to see if the pros outweigh the cons. Sure there are problems everywhere but maybe taking down Kony will be the catalyst needed for everyone to take action against injustice..everywhere. The problem is some of us really don’t know how. I’ve always been reluctant to give money for a cause I don’t really know too much about, not because I’m cheap mind you, but because in a sense your giving an organization power to do as they see fit. After you give you just have to believe that your contribution will do more good than harm. I guess time will tell.

    • I think that the best thing for people to do is to listen to the people of Uganda and the people affected by the LRA and what THEY want. They should be the people to dictate how any form justice is reached. Not a bunch of outsiders who don’t understand the situation and who will not be affected by any negative fall out.

      • You hit the nail on the head with that one Andy. I always notice that we Americans are always trying to do the right thing without actually checking to see if it is the “right thing” to do. A great example would be the wars that we have waged in the middle east. We have been told from the beginning that we were doing the right thing and the people wanted our help but now a lot of us see that’s not really the case. It would be an ignorant thing to say that no good has been done over there but like I said before did the pros outweigh the cons? The people in Uganda need a voice in all this. The real problem is finding a way to give them one.

  55. I don’t see this logic. Because there is more than one sick bastard that commits these crimes using children that exists we should not try to stop the one in focus?? The comment that he let’s the children live…disgusting. What kind of life is that?? Innocent children turned into sex slaves and soldiers. I would rather die than live in those conditions. Those kids don’t have the chance to be kids let alone thoughts and dreams. Whatever the motive of the campaigners involved I applaude their “efforts” and for bringing this topic to conversations worlwide.

    • So you support the use of a force that is well known for attacking and raping civilians to remilitarise an area that has known peace, for the first time in decades, since 2006? Because that’s what this campaign amounts to.

    • Right. you need to read the comment just a few posts above, it is from someone in Uganda living in the situation, it is the most relevant and important comment in the thread… If you haven’t been reading the article or the following comments you look stupid throwing in your 2pence worth without taking the time to make yourself aware of the issues and arguments…

  56. When I saw the video, the first thing I thought was: ok, so you see a problem and instead of staying there and helping you decided to fly home and make a video? That’s a lot of help. Jacob was talking about how he wanted to become a lawyer when he grew up but lacked the money for school. My first thought was oh so surely this guy is going to offer to pay for his education, right? Oh, no, of course not. Instead, he made a promise to find a way to end the war which poor Jacob may never witness. Why is it that everyone thinks that by sharing this video on various social media sites that they’ve made a difference. They haven’t. It’s like this: Person A is walking down the street. Across the street, Person A notices person B being mugged. Instead of running over and stopping the mugger or calling 911, person A stays where they are and talks to others passing by about how terrible mugging is and how the mugger should be stopped. This is an abstract problem with no immediate or permanent solutions. Simply talking about a problem doesn’t make it go away, only action can do that.

  57. You all honestly need to go and experience what is actually happening in Africa. You can not imagine the horrors these kids live through every day. Losing arms and legs over simple quarrels and not growing up with any parents because they watched them get slaughtered. These kids are suffering and do need help but whether you think kony 2012 is bullshit or not. We as people of this earth should be sympathetic towards these children. They are people and something should still be done with or without the kony campaign. Please help them however you see fit. I’m not for or against kony 2012. But if I had seen my parents killed or lost an arm. I would still want help. You know you would too. This is happening and you know it to be true!

    • As it goes I’ve worked extensively with people fleeing Uganda and the LRA as well as many other horrific situations. That’s why I’m against this campaign. Because I do actually know what I’m talking about.

  58. When the children see the army coming to rescue them i doubt many are going to fight back. some might
    but i doubt any of them really wants to support Kony.
    They will most likely desert him when they see the world coming for him.
    And then many parents will ses their children again. 🙂

  59. No matter what happens, more people than before are going to know about Kony. Will the entire world unite to defeat the great evil? No. But what will happen is enlightenment. The mission of Invisible Children is to raise awareness. The idea is that people will start to write to their congressman and president to show support for keeping advisers in Uganda. In all reality with our short attention spans, this will die down quick after April. But at least for this small window of time, the governments of the world will hear our voices. The other off shoot is that this movement or bandwagon, whatever you want to call it, may inspire future activists. Thanks to the debate that is in front of us, people are going to start doing some more reading. Kony 2012 got people to learn about Kony, and articles like this have gotten those same people to look at situations like this critically. This potentially can give rise to a new generation of activists, poli sci and world relations majors. Not every one of the millions of people who have seen the IC films will continue the good fight, but thanks to Kony 2012, there will be a lot more people doing the research and helping advance us as a society.

    And I’m Mexican…does that make my support the “brown man’s burden?”

    • You are missing the point completely and to be really honest , if you didnt know about Joseph Kony and the rest of the people that have comitted the same Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide before, during and after him, you just didnt give a damn about the rest of the world in the first place. I have been reading, seeing and listening about this stuff since i was a little girl. How convenient it is that now they bring this up when pretty much all the conflicts have come to a halt pretty much since 2006. This is shown on International News networks and by some Networks in the States. This has been happening for centurys. He is not the first or the last. The Government and the Supporters are at fault too, is a big mistake to fund them so they can get guns and kill more people. We dont need more activist, we need people to think on their own and decide for themselves. I dont need anybody to tell me what to do because they think is the right thing to do. Our society is already advanced enough to know, is the people that decide if they care or not.

      • And I think you miss my point that something like this serves as a wake up call for some people. Not all people. We don’t all find our calling or identity at 6 years old. I have a degree in political science so I have done my fair share of studying into these topics, which really just makes me want to sit back with some 3-D glasses and enjoy our self-destruction. You are missing a lot of the reality that most people aren’t exposed to the real stories out there with the American media and special interests and such. You want people to think and decide for themselves? How do they do that when they are fed what corporations want them to eat? Though IC may not be the best, their video has spread like wild fire, presented to an audience that these types of situations never get. Now people are interested. Those same people read blogs like this. Now they have two conflicting views. What do you think they’d do next? Think and research even deeper. Do you know what thinkers become when they decide they want to change the world? Activists.

        • Albenick Cruz

          If people just take what other people tell them ( including Corporations) at face value that is their problem. I dont need anybody telling me something specially when they are not going thru it. The people that created this video are not from Uganda. They dont have to go thru this hell everyday. You and i are not going thru it too so we are not the right people to decide as far as what to do over there. This people dont need a PR marketing. This people need medical help, food and places to stay. This video or any videos that come out are not gonna help. This guy might come back just because he can believe or feel this whole “Movement” is a provocation. A lot of people can die because of other peoples stupidity. I know about this guy years before. If you didnt know about him before( he has been doing the same stuff since 1987, Thats 25 years) then you just didnt give a rats ass and i honestly call that Hypocrisy . Reposting a video or clicking a “like” bottom doesnt make you an activist nor a crusader. We should set an example and stop being ignorant. I will suggest you to start reading the UN news websites and Al Jazeera. You will see the issues from another point of view.

  60. Sorry i’m slightly confused about a few things:
    1) Where have you got the 69% goes to film-making from? is there a source for that? if so could you pop the link in (sorry if it’s there i couldn’t find it)
    2) I am very glad that there hasn’t been any more violence in the region since ’06 but he is still very much active (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/8587305.stm and http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/8656634.stm) so is the peace process just in Uganda? As the attacks in the Congo and Sudan seem to have continued well after that
    3) You ask “how do you expect to take military action, which Invisible Children support, against a person who uses children as soldiers without killing children?” do you feel that letting him continue to convert/coerce children (2008 was the last big snatch i can find reliable reference to but who knows) or destroying him and stopping the process for good with regrettable casualties is the better option, in your opinion?

    These are genuine questions, i’m not being a dick.

    • I want the people of Uganda, and all those affected by him, to take the lead. Otherwise this is just a manifestation of the white man’s burden rather than actual support.
      The finances information comes from their publicly accessible records which can be easily found via the ‘visible problems’ link in the blog post.

      • Ok still struggling to find EXACTLY where you got 31% from but thats probably due to my ineptitude, do agree on their salary percentage though. WAY TOO HIGH! Oxfam and Amnesty only take .50% for their CEO and thats big as it is. The problem i have now is that trying to get 3 or more countries to co-ordinate a surgical snatch on a ghost of a man in a jungle surrounded by hit squads is pretty tricky, especially with the histories of those countries armies. Would it not be easier to send in special ops unit to extract him? Or at least involve NATO to co-ordinate the armies together?

        • But why do that? Is that what the people affected want? Have you listened to the people in Uganda, DRC, CAR or Sudan to find out what they want?

          • Fair point, no. Have they been asked?

            (Although, and i’m wandering into opinion here, anyone who forces children to eat Burssel Sprouts, let alone forces them to pick up a gun is a bad person and deserves some form of justice, REGARDLESS of what the population thinks. But thats my opinion, not really based on much, so whatever.

            • Read further up on the blog… If you had read everyones posts then you would have answers to most of your questions, there is even a Ugandan person put in a post a little further up…. But you do need to read to get answers…

              • Sorry post police. I’ll make sure i do next time. Are you going to give me points on my post reading liscence?

                Seriously though, i get your point, but i just thought i’d ask as it would be quicker than reading EVERYONE’s comment (a mistake on my part). Also i’m interested in the bloggers oppinion and if he can source his facts as i’ve seen several different stats for their expenses (all conflicting). Also, the have they been asked question was meant to be more flippant than anything else, but thanks for pointing me to that post as it really answered alot of questions.

  61. Yeah, you are right. Lets go there and talk him in to jail, that will work. I don´t really care about the Invisible Childrens org. maybe they make a buck or two. My problem is that many policymakers that actually want to do good and put an end to horrific genocide need an alibi like initaitive to take action. Just to not be run down by lefties that categorliy refuses to see that some times viloence is the answer to stop even more viloence. Lefties and the journalist elite are killing thousands every week with naive postmodernist values. Thinking they do good and loving themselves for their own humanistic ideals, not knowing they are actually killing people in the third world and preventing policymakers to actually act. They are practicly feeding their egos with blood. European lefties almost stopped the intervention in Kosovo, imagine the possible consequences of that. But they are to naive to be ashamed.

    Anyone who has been to Africa knows you cant stop poverty and underdevelopment without stability. In this case stability means putting a bullit in Kony. But you are right it should have been done long ago and done by american forces to reduce possible kills of children. But political risk have stopped west-govs for acting until the cost are extreme like oil, opinion rallys or terror. And who is accountable for that political risk? thats right naive lefties thinking they act for the good of humanity.

    • You need to read some info on how the world and money works…
      Joseph Stiglitz – Globalization and its Discontents
      George Monbiot – The Age of Consent

      There are loads more… Educate.

  62. Emily Chicoutimi Brockalynne

    You keep ignoring the countries that Kony has gone on to, and only arguing for Uganda.. what about them

    • Exactly, what about them. Have we heard anything from the people in those regions? If not, why not? Does their narrative match that of Invisible Children? I highly doubt so.

  63. We took Osama Bin Laden down why cant we take Kony down to. I dont see why people try and find the negative in something great. You dont have to donate, all you need to do is to make him KNOWN! The reason for this campaine is to show if a number amount of people support one thing then it can be POWERFUL and make a world difference. I dont think they would make something so huge and great if they just wanted a bit off cash from it. I can see where your coming from, but people like you dont belive in huge difference. Just saying.

    • YAY! So you support rape as a weapon of war and the use of child soldiers as well as the destruction of the peace in North Uganda,
      Just sayin’

      • HAHA ! were did this come from. you realy think they are trying ot stop peace, take a step back and watch the video again, look up the proper information. Why are you so aginst somthing so big why dont you just join it. i know theres other places in the world who may or may not be as bad, but in the end the point is, is that if we bring force there IS change. something you can’t bring to minde.

        • Do you know anything about Uganda, the CAR, Sudan or the Congo? Have you read or heard anything fromt he people there who are affected by the LRA or their actions?

        • Have you read anything in this entire article or any responses, you are totally confused, educate yourself and understand the issues which are being discussed, half the problem is people not taking the time to read and comprehend problems before wholeheartedly throwing their weight behind something they know nothing about…

    • it took around 10 years to find Osama. In this time thousands of people will have died in Congo. It took most of the CIA, Homeland, MI6 and others with the most advanced technology to find him. The USA have sent 100 soldiers (to train an army that has committed its own war crimes in the past) and as they have said before they won’t send large forces into an area that is not a threat or will give them financial gain. Plus there are definately better charities.

      Just saying

  64. I give them props for raising awareness to some degree, people are DEFINITELY talking about it.
    I just think it’s important that when one donates money, they donate money to a group whose goal is the help the situation, the tumblr link actually has a list of charities to donate to.
    Awareness only does so much.

  65. They do more than you. and 31% is more than enough. maybe 70% is needed to sustain the company and buy resources. Stop blaming other and take action. Dont be a fucking asshole…be a good guy!

    • You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. you know nothing of me or my work with asylum seekers. You know nothing of what the people in Uganda want. All you know comes from a 30 minute video made by some deluded rich kids who understand central Africa about as well as you do.

      • what makes u so self righteous? u seen a few things so u think u know it all. I seen things too buddy, and i know Any message of good, regardless of where it comes form, is more than enough reason for support. Goodness is divine, and we are half divine, Embracing that side of us will unite us and make us rise. And these are the first steps…

        We dont need ppl like u, hurting the world. contributing negative energy… try to be productive. Or maybe thats ur thing, ur MO. u just like to fuck shit up..

        For every good person, there is a bad, and u sir, are not good, not yet…

        • Fuck right off you self righteous twat. I have worked with people who have fled the fighting in Uganda and throughout Central Africa. This bullshit campaign is going to make things worse for people and so I oppose it with all of my being.

        • Little piece of advice for you.

          If you’re gonna talk about a message of good, sharing it while your profile pic is you flipping off the camera kinda sends mixed signals…

          Just saying…

        • You are a full on retard, READ the article and ALL its responses, don’t be an ignorant fuck nut and support something you know nothing about…

  66. Judging by alot of anti Kony 2012 links there are out there alot of people wouldve let Hitler keep doing what he was doing based on the fact it wouldve killed young men like myself to stop him. Of course theres going to be casualties thats expected when your trying to stop someone as evil as Kony who thinks hes a GOD. .I agree people should look into and read as much as they can about the subject before backing it but when its been goin on for 25 years sometimes intervention is the only answer

    • Having spent al day responding to commetns like yours I have but one thing to say.
      Fuck off you privileged cunt. It isn’t your kids or your family that are affected by this so what fucking right do you think you have to advocate murder and chaos? Wanker.

    • Hitler is a good point in this argument, he told the German people that his campaign was for good…. Kinda like folk have done here… Educate yourself and question things thoroughly before making rash decisions on which issues to support, whether it is financially or through just awareness…

  67. So your saying to let Kony get away with EVERYTHING He has done just because they have created a peace settlement!?

    ARE YOU CRAZY!!!? Thats like saying that because a rapist, or a murder hasn’t struck in awhile it’s just safe to presume that NOTHING is going on?
    You have no idea what’s going on in Uganda. No idea, How would you know if Kony is\isn’t still doing this? have you seen it?
    Have you made a motive to take action??

    didn’t think so.

    • I’ve been arguing for 12+ hours now so I can’t be arsed.
      Fuck off you ignorant fucking cretin.

      • Why don’t you go see these things first hand?
        Instead of sitting on your ASS all day and trying to prove a point that doesn’t excist!! It doesn’t matter if the LRA has backed out in 2006. This is a on going thing in MANY parts of the world Uganda happends to be one of them. Maybe you don’t give a shit what happends to young children in Africa, But many do. Just because we can live free without fearing for our lives, doesn’t mean others doesn’t. and Its our right to stand up and speak out about whats happening in other parts of the world that people aren’t aware of.

        I’ve seen these things first hand, So no, I’m not going to fuck off. 😉

        • You really don’t actually care about the people of Uganda do you? If you did you would lose your fucking ego and listen to them.

          • Listen to them!?
            How the fuck do you know what they are saying!?

            I’ve TALKED to people in Uganda.
            There are 5 things that they want.

            1. The RIGHT to have an education.
            2. The RIGHT to be free
            3. The RIGHT to not to live in constant FEAR
            4. Their voices to be heard.
            and 5. To make people aware.

            I’ve been out to these places on many Mission trips, and 3 times on my own, I am listening, thats why I am trying to help make these issues world wide, and let people know what goes on in other places.

            Go out there and see for yourself, hear what the people want, Becasue, Just because you think you know what they want doesnt mean you know.

            • Now I know for a fact that you have had no contact with people in Uganda as you have just tritely trotted out everything that every aid agency says with no connection to the specific local conditions.
              Seriously. Do NOT try and bullshit someone who knows and loves people from central Africa.

    • Edit:

      Thousands of kids, INNOCENT kids have been killed.
      Help Uganda Seek JUSTICE.

      I’m not disagreeing, or agreeing with you. But until you have seen this with your own eyes, you really don’t have proof.
      Links don’t prove anything, this is the internet Bud, The internet lies.
      I’ve been in Africa, I have seen this first hand, In Kenya, and also in Uganda. Kids being forced into child Slavery.
      Being used as sex slaves, Kids being forced to fight in the army and kill inncoent people. Not to mention that they kill these innocent kids becasuse they refuse.
      they are working in factories in contitions that can put themselves in danger.

      If you can’t back up your sorces, Keep you damn yap shut!!

      • So you support the use of child soldiers and the attacking and raping of civilians? Because if you support Invisible Children this IS what you support.

        • How does that say I support it?
          And Invisible Children is TRYING to stop it.
          I’m not saying I support it, I support Free the Children (www.freethechildren.com)
          I’m trying to get my point across that this does happen, and it has to stop.

          People shouldn’t live in fear.

          • Sorry but I’m too tired, its 1am here, to explain this yet again. I’ll post tomorrow about this.

          • what ever invisible children are trying to do, they are doing things that will most likely make things worse, and it doesn’t matter how good there intentions are when they do that, what matter is the result

          • Despite what you are saying you should read this ENTIRE post and make yourself more aware of the arguments. Andy is not against these things, if you read everything through carefully, you will understand, start at the top….

  68. Pathetic, U dont know shit. just another pretender.

  69. what makes u so self righteous? u seen a few things so u think u know it all. I seen things too buddy, and i know Any message of good, regardless of where it comes form, is more than enough reason for support. Goodness is divine, and we are half divine, Embracing that side of us will unite us and make us rise. And these are the first steps…

    We dont need ppl like u, hurting the world. contributing negative energy… try to be productive. Or maybe thats ur thing, ur MO. u just like to fuck shit up..

    For every good person, there is a bad, and u sir, are not good, not yet…

    • by the way….I don’t think these people would put millions of dollars into a scam. And the US government isn’t stupid, either. They can’t afford to fall for scams.

  70. I’m not really appreciating this whole “white man’s burden” thing. Yes, the majority of the people who are backing this are white, but that’s just how it’s going to be when it comes to Africa. The majority of the people who live in Africa are black, so chances are, if something’s going down over there, 95% of the time it will be related to the black population. The USA is a very forward-thinking country, and all we are doing is trying to help in any way we can. And yes, only around 30% of Invisible Children’s money went to charity recently, but the other 60-something% produced this great video that is raising awareness everywhere. So while I agree that people should somewhat question what they hear, and not always take what they see at face value, they should think about the facts a little more as well, and not just take those at face value either.

  71. Most wanted criminals – Tony Blair, George Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, oh, thats a start then,,,and i think there may be a few others, just they are legal personalities rather than humans but ok then…coca cola for a start, monsanto?? yes, their not black…is that why they are still roaming unimpeded and in fact implicitly endorsed by the handwringing crowd??

    • So maybe it’s a good thing that young people of the west are showing the world that they aren’t ignorant arseholes like their previous leaders. They want to be a part of something good and are willing to take action to make a change while the archaic governments or yesteryear hang onto the last dregs of supposed “power” they think they have.
      There is a reason that all these names are at the forefront of most internet discussions around the world… These young people want them out and it is this new found awareness that will motivate us all into ousting these idiots.

  72. You harp on like a bleating goat. I come from Africa and I can guarantee you that there are a majority of countries here that would like some help from the west to get rid of the dictators and military rulers who have destroyed this beautiful continent. If you haven’t lived it for real, you can’t preach it. Go back to living in your cushy green hills, cuddle up to your sheep and let the rest of the world go on living without having to hear your negativity any longer.

    +1 to Invisible Children

    • My point is that it is the people of Uganda, and other affected areas, that should decide what form this aid and ‘action for justice’ should take rather than a bunch of ignorant Americans.

      • Ignorant Americans? Please. Since when does helping people and saving lives make others ignorant?

      • ….They asked for help, didn’t they? The Americans aren’t completely deciding what to do…I’m pretty sure it’s a collaborative effort.

      • The same way the people of Zimbabwe are happy to keep Bob Mugabe as their president? Oh, he’s not killing so many people any more so we’ll just let him live out the last of his days as the president and let him keep the poor, poor and the uneducated, dumb so they continue to think that he is the god who saved them all from the British bastards.
        The same way the people of North Korea would say that they are happy with their leaders/gods keeping them in a state of total seclusion and deprivation.
        These people are for the most part desperate, uneducated, starving and brainwashed into believing that their lives are ok or that everything “will be alright”. Bullshit!!
        People around the world (including Americans) are choosing to be less ignorant and videos like this one help create awareness and encourage people to get off their fat arses and do something – even if it is just to share a video and make their friends more aware. By you slating the video you may as well call yourself the ignorant one.
        Generation X is making waves around the world and governments are starting to take notice. They would be seriously stupid not to.

  73. You say that the LRA has ceased in Uganda, which is technically true, but the fact of the matter is, that it is thriving in other countries. Kony has spread out, he has gone to Sudan, to The Republic of the Congo and many other places. This whole thing is pointed towards stopping Kony over all not just in Uganda! I’ve been following Invisible Children for a number of years and I did a great amount of research before I decided to support them. I’ve seen everything they’ve gone through, all the time they put into this organization. I understand why them “supporting” the Ugandan army and Sudan’s army is bothersome to people but you have to see that having those armies available for contact is the only way of ever locating Kony because these armies have information about him, whether it be a little or a lot. Would you rather save this growing number of abducted children or let it keep going and have the LRA constantly growing. If we sit here and do nothing at all we are only making matters worse. The whole point of Kony 2012 is to make Kony known to the public, because while these other, also, non-profit organizations are trying to raise money, but not doing anything to draw attention to the matter, Invisible Children is drawing attention and making people aware.

  74. instead of believing this rubbish, here is a link to the ACTUAL facts. dont let the system kill another revolution.

  75. What harm can it do trying to support and help others out, even if we are unsuccessful the attempt. The money donating though is very naughty.

  76. melkohlmann@googlemail.com

    Andy I just have to say I LOVE the way you deal with all these self-righteous overnight social activists. Evidently most of them haven’t even bothered to read your article because they’re too fired up over their new-found life goal (for about the next two weeks). The amount of publicity generated is impressive, and it would be useful if the pressure that’s rising from people calling for action could be funneled in the right direction.
    But as always, when people who form strong opinions about something they know next to nothing about try to get involved and bring about ‘change’, this will probably end badly. Fingers crossed that it won’t! Time to support the charities that are actually doing good work on the ground, in the direction that the people actually want 😀

    • And tell me how much you know about me so that you confidently comment about how little I know or how long I have been an activist for? Maybe you should do a little research on every person who comments here before you make general remarks about something or some person you know nothing about.

      • melkohlmann@googlemail.com

        My apologies, that wasn’t directed at you at all. I thought I was simply commenting on the article. And just how unrealistic is it for me to have to do “research on every person who comments here” before I make a comment? You seriously have issues if you think every general comment made here is a personal attack on you. There are plenty of commenters who evidently hadn’t read what was written before they lashed out.

        • Dude you’re talking yourself in circles here. If you could not read the sarcasm in my previous post then I don’t know how to carry on this line of conversation with you.

          Regarding people lashing out – This whole article is a lash out at a positive movement. None of what he says is based on any fact and when he is called out because of his baseless remarks he swears at people or calls them wankers.
          Spreading lies about something good is just sad in my opinion and the fact that people agree with what he says because they don’t bother to read up on the truth themselves is even worse.

          I’m sorry you agree with his article.

          Signed by a true African.

  77. We feel guilty that these atrocities continue and we are unwilling to make even the smallest changes to our lifestyle to end them. Therefore, we look eagerly for some way to discredit people who are actually DOING something to attempt to stop this evil.

  78. And theres now a Kony Android App LOL


  79. wow. .if you spent more time trying to help people instead of replying back with angry n negative comments youd have your own revolution goin on by now. Sure be informative and express your own side but do it in a productive way rather than calling people iggnorant, assholes, wankers etc etc. Anyone can swear and be a dick be the better person, but im guessing in this situation your not going to be, what a waste of a point of view

  80. Kelly-Marie Oliver

    Ok a couple of things.
    1) Over 25 years of being a mad mad war criminal stealing kids…were still thinking of them as ‘kids’. what about the 7,8,9 year olds he took 10 or more years ago that are still alive? they are now adults and they are now the ones that are now doing the child stealing on his behalf…once your scared your always scared, they are the ones who are giving the guns to the little ones and raping the girls and forcing them into prostitution. Dont be silly folks Kony rules the roost, but he has his captains and officers etc to enforce his rules. And just because he has moved to another region do u think his tried and tested methods have changed? No! We just havent heard about it yet, and probably wont until some ‘middle class western collage kids’ decide to ‘line their pockets flying around the world making videos’ about it.

    2) 31%…yeah…doesnt really seem like a lot does it? untill you factor in how much they do have to spend on travel and accommodation costs and not just in Africa either, but travelling around the US also. Then their is the organizing the rallies and the demonstrations, the advertising for each and every one. Yes they made the wrist bands and such, but before they had the idea of making a viral video and so would have ordered them in the millions? (each one has a special id no remember) they were bulk buying them but only a few thousand and selling them cheaper than now at student rallies etc. And what are these guys full time jobs? i mean they have been travelling back and forth to Africa for years! But at the same time travelling to hundreds of different venues in each and every state they can and lobbying government, individual politicians, newspapers etc…have they like totally got the best employers on the planet who pay them to never be their or do they pay themselves a small wage to cover the cost of their house rent/mortgage payments and bills like most other charity workers would recieve?

    3) Do you know how much time, effort and money it costs to set up and run a charity…well do ya? Didnt think so. For a long time i have been involved with several international aide charities as well as a few animal charities at home, mainly horse welfare charities. do you know it costs about £3000 a month to look after 11 rescue horses and donkeys? would you have that sort of money? The lady whom i regularly fundraise for had these horses dumped on her land…yes thats right she owns the land…£3000 is just to feed them and pay for someone for 4 hours a day to help her. she had to start as a charity as otherwise the animals would have been put down (she was going to sell her house and move…best made plans and such) as she couldnt afford to keep them. she has been running the charity for 2 and a half years now and its going really well, but you cant take anything for granted.

    My main point being people is that what are you doing? I have been looking into this all day and to me this is the best charity for me, why? because they are being pro active. Look at some of the other charities ‘oohhh were doing this…..and that…..look at the lovely things were doing…..’ yet they are all blatantly ignoring the fact that kids are of have been going missing and the community is still petrified. at least the rich white folks from america are going global and doing something, if they want £20 of my money to find a mad man that will hurt more kids because no one else is willing to stand up let them have it.

    And welsh andy, when you write a blog if you dont like views that are not in line with your own state that you would rather only have people with your own interests and views comment. im welsh to, and the welsh way is a polite way, no swearing and calling people swearword names just because you think you can…you cant, its rude.

    • Brilliant!!!! 🙂 why do bloggers turn to swearing when they run out of points. Its the same on youtube. If you dont like someones view simply write something that informs them be clever rather than making yourself out to be a joke

  81. my only problem with this article is there is absolutely no evidence to support it. if i was one of kony’s cronies i would post an article like this to not have people raise awareness. I AM NOT SAYING THE WRITER IS LYING. all im saying is please show me proof or else its just hearsay

  82. Benjamin Steinmeier

    Andy, I am not saying that you do not have invalid points here. However, there are a few things which I would like you to consider:

    1. The major reason for the video, which they even say with the even on April 20th, was raising awareness about Kony. I for one did not know about Kony or his specific actions until this video. I can understand if you do not necessarily support the Invisible Children, but at the very least I would say share it because then you actually tell others about Kony and the LRA. They may not be the only charity which helps Uganda, but they are the one which brought light to this issue. On that regard, I would still share this video.

    2. My problem with your argument about the Ugandan people’s six years of peace and how this would destabilize this piece is that there is no logical reason as to why it would. The mission which Barack Obama started was not about using a large invasion force of the United States military. It’s tactical specialists and equipment. Also, the LRA aren’t in Uganda, so why would it affect Uganda? If anything, the elimination fo Kony would allow the child soldiers, who are held in line by fear of this man, to return home. The United Nations has amnesty rules for child soldiers, so the only ones who would have a decision were the child soldiers who could decided whether they wanted to return or not.

    3. You say how the Invisible Children go against the wishes of the Ugandan people and are rich Westerners meting out their own justice, but how do you know that your charities actually speak for the Ugandan people? They are meddling Westerners as well technically. Really, I have no reason to believe your argument over theirs because you don’t list sources, you just say go out and look yourself. If you are going to make an argument, you need to list your sources, otherwise you have no stronger argument than the video since there’s nothing proving you aren’t making most of this up.

    I really believe you do have the best of intentions, and I think what you miss is that Invisible Children does as well. I don’t think splitting the support between different charities is the answer. I think the charities banding together with Invisible Children raising the awareness of this issue is the answer. If Invisible Children has an issue, than bring it up with them to fix that before trying to damage their support which has raised such awareness about this issue.

    • Sandy Schwalen

      Thank you! You make very good points.

    • I’m not trying to be a dick here, but you’ve clearly read *nothing* of his replies to statements that are *exactly* the same as your own.

      • Benjamin Steinmeier

        Actually, I have. His links for backing his argument are all secondary sources, from bloggers like himself. He hasn’t provided any primary sources, other than one link to a charity. He hasn’t provided a reason as to why the elimination of Kony would destabilize Uganda. Last of all, he keeps saying to divert funds and attention from Invisible Children to other charities, which I believe would hurt more than he says providing support for it would. My main thing is he keeps saying this is what the people of Uganda says, but he hasn’t provided a source saying that. It’s completely on his word.

        And for the record, I didn’t say he had no points. I think if he did address these, then he should edit the main blogpost instead of a mountain of comments. That is all.

  83. Well said, and to your point about not supporting them because of violence against homosexuals, we can’t seek to immediately revolutionize their country and values. Things like food, medicine, and education must be provided or facilitated in order to foster a society capable of recognizing these fundamental rights. Great piece, gave me a whole new perspective.

  84. Jesus Christ Andy, what a day for you, you poor bastard.

    It’s not surprising to me that people who don’t see the inherent point of your ‘argument’, appear to be functionally retarded.

  85. Yall are all just Haters….. Support something..get over yourself and just help, this is not a scam at all!

  86. For those that have a problem with the Invisible Children organization and say it is a scam…check this out. http://invisible.tumblr.com/
    They have posted tax information and proof of everywhere their money goes.

  87. you know, i have an idea. Why don’t all you people wanting to “help” just chill out. Fact is outsiders should stay out, let a country work out it’s own problems because trying to fix things to your own countries standards will only make things worse. People have worked things like this out before oon there own and trying to intervine because it is displeasing to your morals will only prolong the fighting and suffering much longer than necessary

    • Benjamin Steinmeier

      I don’t agree with that. That’s what happened in 1994 when the Rwandan Genocide broke out. The people wanted the UN to stay in and they pulled out, and the government allowed the slaughter of hundreds of thousands. I agree when you’re told to, but when they ask for help, then I believe it is your responsibility to do so if you are able to.

  88. Where’s your work cited? I want to see proof of the shit you talk!

  89. Okay you say 31% off the money goes to the invisible children. Of course there’s a fee to pay to actually film the videos to try and spread the word. Nothing in this world comes free. As for the militairy, do you actually know that part of the money raised goes to them? Everybody has the own choices. If they want to donate money then they can. That shows that they aren’t cruel harted

  90. Zero- your idea is the worst idea i’ve ever heard. Let a third world nation that has no organization sort out their own problems? i think history can tell you that that does not work. North Americans takes pride in helping “developing countries”.
    Their is a huge crisis happening in the world as we speak, and each of us have a chance to help. Why can’t we all come together and make this world a better and safer place for the children now, and in the future!?
    For the people that think this is a scam: Why would the White house be part of this, and ALL THE FREAKING CELEBRITIES IF THIS WAS NOT REAL. People need to grow up, and think about the safety of others!!

  91. Right I get everything that I read here however nothing in this tells me what I can do as a citizen of a first world country, as far as i can tell you are asking us to do nothing. I would rather a more informed cause to support – something which focuses more on rehabilitation and setting up a non-corrupt government in Uganda than on military action. You provide me with that and I’ll gladly support it, however till I find a more worthy cause:
    Kony 2012. Stop at nothing.

    • Benjamin Steinmeier

      Well, he does have an update at the top of the page that links to another topic with a couple other charities which might suit you. Just sayin’.

  92. I think everyone just needs to agree to disagree n focus on educating thmeselves about the topics and do what they feel is right!! The great thing about free speech is clearly weve got it!!

  93. yeah…um…im gonna go with just go to africa and see what is going on. i will say though, spreading a word through an essay is one thing.. you can be objective or subjective. it is spreading the word. the campaign was spreading the word. this scam was spreading another….HOWEVER, if you read closely to this post about the scam. you’ll see a few things terribly wrong about their “subjective’ opinions.. any idiot could see what im talking about…having said that, i’ll withdraw from this website. not paying any attention to future comments. laboring with another over it, isn’t even worth my time.

  94. For everyone calling this a useless organisation if you have a better idea than please tell and maybe get of your computer and put together a a charity organisation thats has the same impact on people as Kony 2012. Telling people that funding the charity is resulting in the ugandan military performing despicable acts than every american tax payer is funding the war in iraq is guilty for funding a the death of innocent people (which is a complete lie). Im sure the funding wouldn’t be put towards training programs that teach the ugandan army to commit crimes but instead to train them to commit good deeds. The guy who wrote this article is obviously feeling insecure because he hasn’t done anything for anyone in his life so instead of doing something he turns around like a typical pessimist and slams the Kony 2012 program, then to defend his actions he makes it out that he’s in the right by calling people rich white kids who know nothing because he feels that reading the paper and watching the news like every average joe makes him more intelligent than others.

  95. MkKONYFamous2012

    for every true humanitarian cause, there’s always one or two cynical assholes who choose to put shit on it. Kony 2012.
    Cynical Assholes 2013.

  96. Fair call if you are trying to do something about this yourself but no-one has done a thing and that is why such a campaign has been so popular. 31% is a pretty good return considering some of the charities going around. Given the airplay this viral video has recieved over the last few days, the advertising money has been well spent.

  97. Boston Luther

    I’ve been arguing for 12+ hours now so I can’t be arsed.
    Fuck off you ignorant fucking cretin.-Welsh Andy
    Listen here idiot, you’ve been arguing for 12+ hours because your one of the few assholes that would go out of their way to prevent a group like this from helping. And after reading all these comments Im sure of it. Its you against tons of people “wanker”. Have fun when you wake up arguing for another 12+ trying to defend your ridiculousness.

    Have you not thought after all these people are calling you out, “Maybe its me(Welsh Andy) thats wrong.

  98. Andy, I have been repeating the same information again and again to people all day long about this Kony 2012 chaos and it has fallen on deaf ears. Not hard to see how we’ve become a nation who so readily accepts propaganda as fact. I praise you on your hard work and important article– many have been sharing it far and wide. Keep up the good work and continue to use your third eye!!! God Bless!!!

  99. So is some press and some money not better to give then nothing? Come on people you are trashing social sites as you are on one.

    • Sometimes nothing is better than something. Especially if that something is advocating for the destruction of what fragile peace there is in Northern Uganda and the deaths of yet more people, including child soldiers, like Invisible Children want.

  100. THIS KONY SHIT is full of shit, they apparently found oil in uganda and its amercias chance to capitalise, since they can’t fuck with the arabs, didn’t u people notice that the main celebrities and politicians are the highest in the illuminati ? fair enough its for a good cause, where was this viral video for help when osama fucked ppl up ? we had the same technology ? its all bullshit u gota look for the second meaning of this video

  101. This is an incredibly ignorant and poor thought out article. You’re saying not to support Invisible Children because only 31% goes to charity? I’m sorry but if the people at IC didn’t dedicate their entire lives to working and living in dangerous and awful conditions then milions upon millions wouldn’t know about this issue in the first place.

    Do you forget that it costs a significant amount of money for plane trips, video editing software, cameras, lights, food expenses, and so much more? These people have wives and children they have back home. Medical bills, houses, cars etc etc. While yes they are more privileged and well off than the kids they document, does that mean they should not be allowed to enjoy such things after dedicating their lives to bringing awareness to this issue? Does that mean they shouldn’t make the money they need in order to send their kids to college so that they can in turn follow in their footsteps and perhaps also bring change into this world? People like Invisible Children have to come from somewhere! In a country where athletes make 10 million dollars to sometime not even play a single game all season, you want to put down people who make 80 grand to put their lives on the line in order to bring about an actual change? IC may not have the resources to go in there and arrest Kony himself, but they used their resources to bring awareness to the topic so that it at least gets addressed.

    What does being white have to do with anything? Anyone can have done this: hispanic, african, columbian, canadian, WHO CARES? What matters is that Jason Russell and the rest of the team at IC were the ones who stepped up and genuinely cared about bringing about change. They used their talent and upbringing in film and marketing as their way of drawing people into the subject. If we choose not to support people like that then this campaign never happens in the first place and the now new wave of donators don’t even know problems like this even exist in the world.

    Not only that but Invisible Children are able to bring jobs and opportunity to people in such impoverished parts of the world. It’s a large organization that’s intricately well run. Half of their roster isn’t rich white men. Once again, sure, they are more well off than these children. But if they don’t make videos that bring upon such a strong awareness campaign like this, then who the hell will? Surely not no name internet bloggers like yourself. Support IC so we can have movements like this happen in the first place!

    • You have completely missed the point….. That is not what the article is about… Read it again, and understand it.

  102. because of a stupid article comes up on the internet it means its fake? is that all people are like these days? just believing whatever the hell goes up on the internet? what the fuck has the world become?

  103. Ok some of you complaint about what IC is doing. Yes, we already know that they only use 31% to really help the children and that all the thing is a scam. That’s why this world is the way it is now. Everyone complaints but doesn’t do anything to solve the problem. If I buy the kit at least 31% of it goes to those children. If they take US troops it’s because the government believes them and I’m sure they made a very good research about it and not just only looked up to some blogs and videos on YouTube, it’s the United States government for Christ sakes and they are no idiots. I don’t think this Koni guy is any holly guy that doesn’t do anything to children but to teach them about how good God it is, if you really would know about God and love him you just don’t kill or rape people and because of those deads, rapes, abductions and all that is that the International Criminal Court is judging Koni and found him guilty, again those people really did a research to do that. Again they are no idiots. And one last thing, one of the problems in the US is education, I studied there and I remember how my classmates didn’t know where Ecuador is, they even Asked me how come I wasn’t black if Ecuador is in Africa when it really is in South America (btw not all africans are black). Really guys do real research and stop complaining, if you found some bad stuff about IC, then don’t support that cause, but help somehow to the people in Uganda or try another country in Africa. The world will be better if we start doing something or at least proposing not complaining. If you believe in IC then support them, not just only sharing the video but buying their stuff. Enough said! 😉

  104. So the reason why the IC’s campaign has gained so much momentum (other than obviously a lot of money put into it), is that they are presenting it to people in a way that pretty much everyone can understand. Yeah they play with emotions but screw it, that’s what hooks the masses.
    I have seen people I would never have expected to know where Africa is on a map voicing their outrage on this issue through social media. In this respect I think the campaign is fantastic because it is reaching people who would otherwise remain ignorant. It might even encourage them to become active/knowledgeable on other world issues.
    I am really interested in the programs you have mentioned, and I really WANT to listen to what you have to say, but you come across as patronising and full of ego and arrogance. So, when I read this, that’s all I’m getting.
    I’ve read other articles/blogs taking a similar stance to yours. They did it much better.

  105. Okay honestly you dont see the purpose of this campaign… Its called the power of the people… I’m pretty sure most people in this world wants every country to live amongst eachother in peace and harmony and when has the people ever really had a say on they’re thoughts, hardly ever, its always the small amount of people within the goverment that discuss and make decisions amongst themselves. 

    Everybody knows the lifestyle and troubles encircling in Africa but we hav grown so accustomed to it that most people don’t even stop and think once of the people in Africa suffering in a day.. Make that everyone who is suffering around the world.

    We now live in a world that embraces technology, how else do these people send out their message to the world? They have to be persuasive, they had to use facebook, twitter, youtube to promote themselves because thats where the rest of the public spend most of their time on.. Not many youths or rest of the public change the tv channel to BBC NEWS or discovery channel so where else do they hear it from.. Via the net

    To become apart of the movement you dont HAVE to give charity, you dont HAVE to buy the kit. All you need to do to show you support this campaing and stop the abuse of young children and killing of others is to paint the world red.. This is free! And the people are being heard. Once people of the world are heard governments would be pressured into taking action because they themselves know these is a pure good cause. And after such a cause do you think the rebels in africa would dare to continue with SO many people out there who are willing to end them if they did continue. You claim it will only make matters worse… These kids say they are better off dead then stay alive and kill with the rebels.. They rather be dead! And this is coming out of a childs mouth… When the world turns against people like Kony, they will disperse, they will stop their actions, they will be caught. Who knows, hopefully something like that will happen. But if you just let this issue go on and on, africa will ALWAYS be in this state and it will only worsen and it will only spread and you will hear more and more cries from younger children, adults and elders.. If this happened in your country wouldn’t you want to try and make a change or would you rather work by side the people who cause miserable lives of others

    This goes to show your afraid of change, we are too comfortable living this way, too comfortable knowing the millions of people dying each day in other countries, too comfortable knowing that there are people out there who kill masses of people. I know these issue in africa has been happening since forever but we can possibly change it! Its the thought that counts, its the thought knowing we actually tried even if we failed, its the thought that the people who are endangered know that we tried and didnt just sat around and watched tv… 

    The main message from the video is the power of the people! That we can make a difference not just for kony but every other criminal that has caused a vast amount of pain to a country

    Its a team effort. I always dreamt of how i could spread love, peace around the world after being inspired when i watched black eyed peas music video’ where is the love?’ when i was little. But what the hell, im a kid theres nothing i could do… But now i can by painting the city red, now apart of an underground movement that could possibly help the people in uganda

    • Africa is not in this state because of people like Kony; rather people like Kony are active because of Africas situation… For over 500 years colonialism has raped and pillaged all of Africas wealth and exported it to North America and Europe, and now in the modern age through the use of corporate power rather than colonial to Japan, and now, to China too. These are the real issues that need to be looked at… Killing kony will not bring peace and prosperity to Uganda, or any other part of Africa while the roots of the problem remain…

  106. I say support it!
    Maybe only 31% of the money actually gets there, but this goes for every fucking organization that does these kind of actions. There’s never going to be a solution where nobody at all needs to die, every penny gets there and we’ll all walk into a beautiful sunset holding hands. It’s so incredible horrible – but sadly it’s how it is. It’s a stupid excuse not do do anything just because not all the money is used for exactly what you’re donating for because some of it actually gets there and at least you do something!
    So what are you going to do? Wait for fairies to take action and sit around just watching ’till that happens?
    Or are you actually gonna do something and have fun hanging up posters all over your town?

  107. This article made for a very interesting read. As someone who was alerted to the heinous crimes of Joseph Kony, I was compelled to share the video produced by Invisible Children and help to raise awareness in whatever way I could.

    Any organisation that desires money sparks feelings of doubt and caution, it is human nature. I completely respect and consider the points you have highlighted, it is ESSENTIAL for people to read around the subject and conduct individual research before clawing about mindlessly in their wallets.

    What I do not agree with is the nature of this article, urging people not to support the IC. People have freedom of expression by the Human Rights Convention which was exercised both by you and the IC. By that right, they can express their feelings in whatever way they like according to their beliefs and some have faith in the IC. We must respect that. Whatever action they choose to take we must all realise that the mere fact they are taking action is largely down to the IC and their campaign video. People genuinely just want to help.

    But what do I know? I’m just a sixteen year old Sixth Form student who thought she should voice her opinion. I guess all we can do is agree to disagree.

    • I urge people not to support the campaign as it is fundamentally detrimental to the people it claims to be supporting. It has no connection to work by people in, and from, Uganda. It is entirely based around an extremely simplistic narrative of ‘catch the bad guy save the world’. A narrative that seems to be extremely prevalent in the US and, to a lesser extent, here in the UK. It completely ignores the fact that catching or killing Kony will simply lead to retaliation from the LRA. Or do these people think that if they catch or kill him the LRA soldiers will all just go home and plant crops or something? The murder of Osama Bin Laden stopped Al Quaida didn’t it? Hanging Saddam Hussein really sorted out Iraq didn’t it?

      The childishness of the Kony 2012 initiative and its Hollywood inspired simplicity leads to a massive misunderstanding of the situation in Central Africa. This misunderstanding will, inevitably, lead to further destabilisation of the region. We only have to look at Invisible Children’s previous interventions in the region which led to the LRA being able to strengthen themselves and carry out further atrocities.

      It is the people of Uganda, CAR, Congo and Sudan that must take the lead on this. If people want to help, and I praise them for wanting to do so, then they must first listen to what the people want and let THEM tell US how to help. This campaign does not do that and casts the desires of non-involved people who have little to no understanding of the politics of the region as a priority.

      Being a sixteen year old sixth former and being interested in this subject is a credit to you. But as a student you must surely realise that it is better to have as full an understanding of a subject before attempting to address it. After all, you wouldn’t write an essay on a topic on the basis of a Youtube video would you? You would do research, find reliable sources, read around the topic and only then would you get started. The same goes for this. Talk to the people who are affected, find out what they want you to do and then find a way to do it.

      • I completely agree, I would not walk into an examination hall and attempt to complete a paper without compiling evidence, sources and some serious background information but I think the problem lies with the word “reliable”.

        The internet is filled to the brim with lies, conspiracy theories and distorted facts, how can we possibly know who has the best interests of these victims in mind? Furthermore who are we to think we can march in and save the world when we have no success stories to base our tactics on. As you said, the killing of Bin Laden opened up a whole host of new problems.

        I think everyone is trying to act on impulse at a time when they’ve just discovered these atrocities and emotions are raging high all over the world. Passion is rarely ever the root of good decisions.

        This process is going to take time and we’re going to need to trust one another that the solution method is the best possible. Talking to the Ugandan representatives is crucial and I think the only way this misunderstanding could be rectified is if we have a live conference with them. The information has to come straight from the horses mouth otherwise these seeds of doubt that everyone has sewn will continue to flourish.

        But I stress, I did not comment here seeking an argument. This is just my opinion, an opinion you have the right to see as unimportant.

        • I’m not so bothered by Ugandan representatives but by the people of Northern Uganda themselves. I’m assuming by representatives you mean politicians? The Ugandan government is guilty of carrying out genocide towards the people of Northern Uganda. That’s not hyperbole on my part but referencing the former UN undersecretary who features in the video below.
          There is a cracking article in Black Star News, again link below, that criticises Invisible Children for their lack of understanding of the political situation in Central Africa and for how dangerous this campaign is to the people of the region.
          Also stop being so self-deprecating! I’ve tried to respond to as many of the comments posted here as possible and especially ones that are thought out and, above all, polite. Though I may have kinda flipped on some people last night… oops.


  108. Ok first of all, these are not a terrorist group, they are armed rebels. Second: you’re not the centre of the world, they’re not out to get you, so you don’t need to worry. Finally: no one here is supporting the LRA, we are just debating about whether the Kony 2012 campaign is relevant and efficient or not.
    By the way, can you do us all a favour and learn how to spell before calling people “fucking idiots”? Thank you.

  109. An explanation for the photo as well as their side of the story can be found here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/www.invisiblechildren.com/critiques.html

    Like they said if you want to know the truth, dig deeper, don’t blindly follow anyone.

  110. Yeah so, what is supposed to be done? About situations like this one and the Congo? Is this worst than the continued silence? I may not agree with the donations but I do agree with the spreading of the word. We don’t really know where the money is going, granted but at least the message is being spread. . .

    • The money is going to start another war in the region. How can a campaign call itself humanitarian when it is advocating killing the very people it claims to want to protect? Who do they think they are going to be attacking when they attack? The majority of the LRA are child soldiers and combat mortality rates for them are really high, unsurprisingly, so most of those that will die will be children.

  111. OK so what the hell do you propose we do???? This is better then doing NOTHING, which is what the majority ends up doing.

  112. For an article that criticises Invisible Children for twisting of the truth, you guys have got a lot of things wrong.
    Nowhere in the video or the campaign do they explicitly support military intervention, the primary goal is awareness, which in turn will put pressure on governments to actually seek the arrest of Kony.
    You claim they fund Uganda’s military. WHICH THEY DON’T.
    You claim they fund Sudan People’s Liberation Army. WHICH THEY DON’T.

    Jesus christ talk about manipulating the facts. Talk about hypocrisy. Dickheads.

  113. I would like to invite everyone to read this http://s3.amazonaws.com/www.invisiblechildren.com/critiques.html if you haven’t already.

  114. concerned bystander

    everytime i think you may have some good points you cloud your mission or goal with some side talk bashing those that don’t agree with your plight. I have been in east africa not as a “rich american” but as a quaker friend on a workcamp we hiked through 100’s of miles and learned “public opinion” from those that were there. Kony and the LRA are very real and while they are no longer an issue in uganda the wounds have not healed there and congo and sudan now have his headaches to deal with . Now that he has his forces split into two seperate units or divisions he is more elusive. although he does have a smaller force by far than what he originally started . as far as IC and their involvement ,they have a good agenda and while “roughly ” 30% is all that makes it to the actual “movement” operating costs and such absorb the rest , this is actually quite the norm if you research it and look at most of your NPO’s . the other angle on this is the US. military has army and navy special warfare operators that have been assigned to the locating of kony. they are from ft. bragg NC. USA. their reports are documented and MOST are public information. My 16 yr. old daughter has asked me if she could buy the “kit ” from IC , i told her to go ahead my outlook is if she spends 30.00 on a night with friends or 30 on this at least this will go even if just partially to a good cause.

  115. Its funny how you sarge people to educate themselves when that is the point of this whole campaign. How do you think people ended up here it’s because of their efforts to make him known. They are making people interested and I’m sure a lot of those people are doin more than just watching that movie I know I am that’s how I ended up here I wanted to know more I wante to get more educated on the subject. It just seems ironic you encourage people to learn more about it when that’s exactley what invisible children is doing except they are taking
    It a few steps farther an trying to stop kony.

  116. Wow – you must be really ignorant to think that US Military is going in to begin a war. If you watch the video and read the information you will find that they are not going in to begin a war, but to advise on how to stop this monster. 31% is quite a large amount of money in some countries – and it takes $ to run an organization

  117. concerned bystander

    @kelli that is what i stated in NO way would the US assist in any other way

  118. This whole thing just doesn’t make any sense its been bugging me greatly.
    Either way you look at it there seems to be nothing to gain.

    Although its pretty clear this is not founded on good intentions best example of this is the logo – America two party system??
    And to anyone that says this is not geared at fighting – you must have over looked that hideous photograph at the top of this page!

    If its a conspiracy to get oil or send military there why send out something that can be de-bunked so easily then make it harder for themselves to get the oil in the long run?

    If its to monitor our reactions that just does not seem to out way the price of oil.

    I could go on, but basically this thing does not add up!

    But then I was reading this page and what a mess it is, nobody can agree on anything, and I realised that this is probably what its about DIVIDE AND CONQUER < that is achievable here and worth there while

    So I have decided to stop wasting my time with this, and concentrate on something not fraught with corruption.
    and if anyone asks about the KONY thing I will explain its just a giant propaganda distorted mind control mess and they want your soul.
    There are other ways to help people without having to become part of Americas two party system or becoming sheep.

    Remember the dictators of this world are a minority and are busy self destructing so don't let them take you down with them.
    As they say in the video "this will only work if you give it your closest attention"

    love and unity – not fighting


  119. Albenick Cruz

    I wish people will just stop making opinions because they know people from Africa or have lived in Africa. You cant possibly know what this people want just because you spoke with a couple of people over there. As to this Charity, i dont care if they give 31%, less or more money to the people of Uganda but what they are doing is not gonna help stop him or any Genocidal egotistical maniac that lives in this Earth. The people of Uganda have to take the initiative too. You cant help who doesnt want to get help. Some people have made comments as to mean that the people of Uganda are brainwashed. I wish they will stop talking about them as they have far superior intelligence. This people are not stupid. They know how things go on over there and they ought to know what is possible and whats not. The people of the West always come across people like this. Thinking they know everything and that we are perfect. Like we dont have our own issues. I agree we dont live like them over there and that is impossible to even fathom what they have to live. Just by watching a video doesnt make you more Knowledgeable. It doesnt make you a Diplomat or an expert as to how to resolve issues. People are so ignorant sometimes and it blinds them from seeing the truth. I wish this “Gorilla Marketing campaign” doesnt affect the people of Uganda. We dont want more deaths although that only happens in an ideal world, one in which we dont live.

  120. I would not donate anyhow, however the person writing this article posted said that they only assume that they have not been audited… thus would be assuming that is the $ figure they suppose that they are keeping for campaign efforts (which are in fact again trying to bring Kony to light). Question everything, on all sides, always. However they are not doing bad by getting the word out against Kony and not what Kony is doing in Uganda, but what he is doing to children anywhere. Of course there are others doing this everywhere, you have to start somewhere and this guy started here.

  121. this is about uganda not rwanda!

    THAT WASN’T KONY ARMY THAT IS «Here’s a photo of the founders of Invisible Children posing with weapons and personnel of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army.»

  123. In case you haven’t seen this yet, here’s Invisible Children’s in depth explanation of common concerns including their financials. I think you’ll find that you wrongly informed. http://s3.amazonaws.com/www.invisiblechildren.com/critiques.html

  124. OMFG i cant believe that going on right now thankz for this and this video is like spirling in my school adn im like crying right now

  125. you cant mash the entire organization for somethign a few men did… you realize… and i LOVE MY MARINES that our troops have raped and murdered people before… that doesnt make EVERY one of those Troops and Rapist/Murderers…..same goes for the ugandan military… and this operation doesnt just involve uganda by itself its the area around uganda as well, africa is made of up many countries… and kony is going to run borders, JUST like osama did… same shit…

  126. Laceyforinvisiblechildren

    I think we should bring kony down before he will rise again. NO we should not put a reward on his head. YES invisible children are doing the right thing. I want to see a bibiliography by the author, I want to see where they have gotten there information from. I feel that whatever the author thinks they ‘know’ they actually don’t, if the havnt talked to IC representatives. I putty those who don’t want to help the children and there families

  127. Paola Vargas Bello(COLOMBIA)

    nine years work in this documentary and they promise ; and for a stupid photo ( that i believe everybody had a stupid photo) . Somebody try to stop a beautiful cause,one photo vs 1000 of shots that everybody can see THROUGH of this documentary. before try to stop a good cause , everybody should try to do something before we won’t have a future for offer our childrens .Everybody that post this photo , It is now with a warm chair in home or if they have lucky in a work , waiting for a weekend to expend a day in a club or with a family and sometimes looking the roof think in a solution of trivial problems.HAVE YOU TRY TO DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEBODY???HAVE YOU TRY TO DO DOCUMENTARY ??? ARE YOU LIVING IN A PARADISE COUNTRY THAT WE DON’T KNOW ?? YOU SHOULD DO SOMETHING !!!

  128. I have to say… There is alot that this video has done for me and my family, We have become more aware of issues and current affairs that we would have otherwise never even have known about, infact, my 9 year old son has taken his own initiative and created his own “anti kony facebook page”, (proud dad). The video definitely tugged on our heart strings and made us all want to donate and buy t-shirts and support them and so-forth, I also read the facts and statements about the organization “Invisible Children, and how they use misleading information and finance themselves and blah blah blah…

    After reading about it for my self and trying to educate myself and my family before diving in head first, I came to an interesting conclusion that opened my eyes, These “rich white people”, are actually taking a step. They are standing up and trying to help. Before we saw this video we knew nothing, if these “rich white people”, did not choose to take action then would you know about these victims? I know me and my family wouldn’t. So I consciously make my own decision to support these people because they are making a difference, anything has to be better then the way it is now.

    Kony is the immediate issue and he needs to be brought to justice, then the next issue and on and on and so forth.

  129. Alexander Rea

    Well it does seem like allot of you have been to Africa and seem to have a very detailed personal knowledge about all the problems over in that part of the world.

    What is this “I’m the most worldly and greatest Samaritan” competition? I have never been to Africa and all my information of the issues there is second hand, however I am a pacifist and even I know it is not our business to fund and train a foreign army to fight a war in Africa that has been going on for decades.

    Do you not think that it is possible that both rebel sides are guilty of atrocities? Why do white westerners think that it’s ok to interfere in international affairs on the basis of some tenuous moral campaign?

    Things are always far more complicated than they seem.

    • It’s 2012 , it’s not about race it’s about classism , westerns are middle class high class , groups of people , solidarity can come from any body regardless of race , so I think people need to stop going on about white westerns , as I siad classism is what boils down to, yes westerns are the real colonist the real devils , they are the poisen , but to state again please don’t put white people under lebal of westrens , cause invisable children team are from all races

  130. Hi to all , thanks for this article were a lot of good valid points, it is about empowering people , and to stand in solidarity with others , I think there a lot of postive outcomes from invisible children org, one being 2012 a year of connection that people can use social networking to stand up Agiast humanity issuess , and don’t have to wait for governmental support. I really think that what I get from the video movie that recently aired on utube, the sense that movements and connecting together to be proactive , regarding kony I think he needs to be stoped, yes since 2006 he’s not been the same , but he still has the mentality that all kids should carry guns, his influence is the most dangous , who knws who is the next kony to rise up , who follow him, he needs to be stop before the joseph kony rises up, so yes the unvisable children org have sum nagetive aspects , but over all they have done sumthing rather than nothing , I belive the have chosen to stand in solidarity with the kids and they are not just a western orgnistion , you’ll find that invisble children org are every conor in the world , ps if you knw kids anywhere in the world that are invisable , spend time talk to them just be there for them , big shout out to kids of this world your beautiful , one love one world 🙂

  131. i wish you are 1 on this children…maybe you are kony!

    • Do you actually know what’s happening in Uganda or are you taking your entire understanding of the politics of central and Eastern Africa from a 30 minute video on Youtube?

  132. This whole Kony 2012 thing is a total scam! Don’t fall for it. THINK! As a professional tv maker I can tell you this is one crafty piece of pure propaganda. Very cleverly put together by professionals that know what they are doing. It’s 30 minutes of hollywood style trickery, intended to hit an emotional chord with people who do not think, but primary act on emotions. If you watch carefully, you can even see how deceitful the whole thing is put together. I give you one such example. At approximately 13:38, Nobert Mao is interviewed. He says: “We are determined to cooperate with any friend of Uganda to ensure that this…” ->CUT!!!!<- "…mindless killing and slaughter is ended." A casual viewer might think this is what he said, while in fact, the producers of this propaganda piece cleverly glued two (possibly unrelated) sentences together to produces this supposed quote. So, now there is no way of telling if this guy was even talking about Kony at all. There are many, many more of these kinds of examples in this video.

    I am just disgusted by this kind of deceitful propaganda targeted at young and impressionable people. This video is selling war, occupation and supporting corrupt regimes, all in the name of peace. This video is NOT about the children in Uganda. The makers of this video couldn't give a rats ass about them. This is about swaying public opinion to support the coming invasion of the African continent under the guise of "humanitarian war" (how's that for a Orwellian term). We really need to wake up and educate people about this, before things get really out of hand. Time is running out. We need to learn people to THINK again! Otherwise they WILL become the mindless puppets and useful idiots, these people are desperately hoping for.

  133. Stop bitching and get on board some good causes that help those who need help. Get out of your safe comfortable beds, tap your full belly, and go to your paid job and contemplate what the hell you have to moan about!!

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