Catholic Shocked At Lack Of Catholics in Ireland(and teh gayz)

Michael Voris has an amazingly lulzy YouTube channel called Real Catholic TV on which he has in the past called for the Pope to be made king of the U.S.A. Now he’s on a trip to Ireland where he asks some people on the street whether they go to Mass every Sunday. His shock is almost palpable when he realises that most Irish people have moved on since the middle ages! 😀


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  1. most of the western world has moved on from medieval religion – the more wealth and economic participation, the better educated and less religious the country

    which is why the poor calibre of eduction in the US is a shock and why they have fallen behind other secular democratic countries on human rights matters – the US is becoming a third world nation

  2. Haha! I don’t think he realizes something has happened to Europe in the meantime….they’ve moved on to being a modern society. Too funny!

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