Dinosaurs in the Archaeological Record? LOLWUT?

A rather sadistic friend of mine sent me a link to this wonderful little site that contains some rather remarkable claims. The main claim of this site is that dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago and in fact they coexisted with humanity mere thousands of years ago. Now there is nothing particularly remarkable in this. Young Earth Creationists have been claiming this for years to the amusement, and irritation, of the rest of the world. What was new in these claims, to me any how, was the claim that there is evidence for this claim in the archaeological record.

ORLY? Says I.

 So I dust off the fedora I bought before starting first year Archaeology and decide to investigate. What evidence is this? I’m always intrigued by odd things in the archaeological record, things that we may have difficulty explaining. So what do these people have for my delectation?

You may be surprised to discover that there is a significant amount of physical evidence which points to the existence of dinosaurs and man together. Many times this type of physical evidence gets overlooked due to the fact that most archaeologists and anthropologists presuppose that there can be no evidence since “the dinosaurs died off millions of years ago.” They assume that carvings, drawings, artwork, and other artifacts with dinosaurs on them are either fake or attribute them to the imaginations of such “primitive” people.

 Really? I’ve been studying archaeology for a couple of years now and have had more than a passing interest in it for over two decades. I have also had a fascination with all things ‘odd’ and I’ve never come across anything… oh wait. What’s that in the banner?



Jebus save me. The Ica Stones? The stones that were painted by Peruvian farmer Basilio Uschuya and sold to gullible tourists? Really? And is that someone riding a Triceratops? FFS?

 When you examine the evidence for yourself, you will find that many of these ancient cultures were far from primitive and that they were advanced in ways that we still cannot understand today. For instance, there are many monolithic structures throughout the world which we still cannot duplicate to this day, and several civilizations seem to have had the capability to perform advanced surgeries.

 ????????? Sorry but there are no structures from ancient civilisations that we can not reconstruct today. None, not one.

 Don’t you think that if you saw a dinosaur you would want to let people know about them. You would probably write a book and make a blog or website to tell people about the dinosaur that you saw. These people used the tools of communication that they had to let people know what they had seen and experienced.

 I’m pretty sure señor Uschuya never actually saw a dinosaur. That would have made the news I would think.

Seriously. If you nutters who believe in this crap want to fabricate some evidence of dinosaurs in the archaeological record to prop up your faith then try and do a better job about it. Is that how you honour your god? By doing such a half assed job of lying on his behalf that any moron with a hangover, me being a case in point, can cut through it without even having to use Google?

And if you’re going to start fabricating archaeological evidence to prop up your delusions why not start with Nazareth? Bit difficult for the Nazarene to have been born somewhere that wasn’t settled til more than a century after his supposed birth eh?


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  1. Tell your obviously YEC friend that GPS has visually confirmed plate tectonics and has shown the continents moving apart at a little over 5 cm per year. If YEC were true in any sense, we could stand on the beach in Atlantic City NJ and see Portugal. At 6000 years we are talking a separation of only 30000 cm which is .186 miles. At 10000 years we are talking 50000 cm which is .310 miles. The actual distance is about 5200 km which is way too large for a young Earth. Tell your friend he is delusional and that there is medication available for his condition. Now besides Nazareth, how about the remains of pre 70 CE synagogues in Galalee? As it is, there are virtually no archeological record at all and the pharisees were not even in the Galilee until after Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE.

  2. Make that 5-10 cm per year so the distances can safely be doubled to .186 – .372 and .310 – .620.

  3. It seems I’ve done Richard, who sent me the article a disservice. He sent it to me as he knew it would make my blood boil.

  4. What disservice did you do? Blogging about it isn’t a disservice.

  5. No, just making it seem as if he was a YEC. 😀 He’s quite the confirmed atheist and skeptic. I should have been clearer in my post.

  6. Atheist ok but skeptic? A skeptic that actually thinks there is evidence that dinosaurs coexisted with man? What is his supposed skeptical reason to make such a claim that the modern theory of evolution is wrong? I suppose he has some fossil evidence of man and dinosaur in the same strata of rock. He is not a skeptic but a full on believer in wooish baloney. Guess he also believes there are real mantracks alongside dino prints in Glen Rose 🙂

  7. Or am I misreading you and you are saying he sent the article to get your blood boiling but he doesn’t believe it? In that case my comments are directed at the writer of the article.

  8. 😀 Aye, the second one.

  9. Well you never mentioned his name and I really doubt a letter addressed to “rather sadistic friend of welshboi” would find it’s way to the right guy. Don’t worry about it. no reason for you to feel the slightest pang of guilt.

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